Monday, August 8, 2016

Status Hair Salon is now in Cavite

During my younger years, I’ve maintained a long, straight (sometimes, wavy, when I am having a bad hair hair. But in the past 3 years, I somehow became bolder, (when it comes to hairstyles). I’ve cut my hair short, shaggy, added bangs but never ever let someone color or dye my hair... until I visited a salon, which now has a branch in Cavite... Status Hair Salon. 

Status Hair Salon

This chain of beauty salons is owned by sisters/business partners Robina and Roseann Ko. They created Status Hair Salon back in 2011 and in 2014, awarded as Best Choice High-End Beauty Care and Treatment Salon [Best Choice Award]. The latest branch and the only franchise salon that they have is located at CityMall Anabu in Imus, Cavite. It is franchised and operated by friends – Ms Erika Tan and Ms Jizlynn Co.

When I visited it last Monday, I was fortunate to meet Ms Tan but was not able to take a photo with her because the salon’s jam-packed with bloggers and walk-in customers. I received an invite (thanks to Ms Aisa) and was scheduled at 5pm that day. I arrived at around 4:30pm and was warmly greeted by the staff. They even gave me a plate of spaghetti and pichi pichi. Hihi!

I'm happy because I met a couple of blogger friends during the event and made chika with them while waiting for my turn. At around 5:30pm, I was introduced to my stylist, Sir Skitch, which marked the start of my make-over. Chos!

But before I make the big reveal, let me take you on a quick tour of the place first...
Upon entering the place, you will be greeted by these red, comfy seats (which are facing the information desk). On the side, they have a collection of magazines that you can read while waiting or check their hairstyle look book to get inspiration. 
They use Nouvelle products, an Italian brand synonymous with style and trend. 
The interior boasts with purple and green, which give simple yet elegant look of the place. 
Like any other salon, they also offer nail-pampering services but the difference is that they have these cute purple seats! Who wouldn’t want to have their nails done while lounging on this beautiful corner? And look at those shades (nail polish)? (price list’s indicated at the end of this blog post).
This area is where it all started. Ate DenDen, shampooed my hair and in all fairness, I like the scent of their shampoo. It didn’t hurt my nose.

After that, Sir Skitch applied the highlights then repeated it after 30mins. Each coating took a lot of time (and patience, I guess) because my stylist’s so meticulous and did not leave any strand unattended.

I admit, at first, when I saw how blonde my hair was, I panicked! But they assured me that it will tone down once the last coating is done. (Pardon my words, I am not good or aware if coating is the proper term for it. We talked in Filipino. Nyahaha!)
Took them around 6hrs to finish... But I didn't mind. It's an indication of how dedicated they are. Kudos! 

And to keep ourselves entertained, we did a lot of groufies! Sharing you some of it J

Finally! Go and take a look! This is the Before and After Pic J

I am so loving it! Didn’t regret it at all! hehe! All the hesitations, puff! Gone! 
Thank you, Status Hair Salon!  

You can visit them at:

 Status Hair Salon
Address: Citymall Anabu, Imus Cavite
Contact Nos.: 0922-8884487 | 0995-6781636


PS: They have an ongoing promo! Follow them also (SocMed accounts are indicated on the poster). 

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