Friday, August 12, 2016

Ready, Tech, Go!

Have you been dreaming of upgrading your gadgets, or simply wanting to add functional appliances into your home but are having second-thought because it’s a bit pricey?

Fret no more because the thirty-one straight days of August this year, there will be a nationwide dropdown of price of the latest and greatest gadgets, electronics, and home appliances at all SM SuperMalls.

August is SM CyberMonth!

Visit the nearest SM SuperMall and enjoy scouting for the best of the best in consumer electronics, of which they showcase daily plus you get to experience fun-filled attractions for techies and gamers alike – free online gaming competitions, cosplay gatherings, EDM mall parties, promos and freebies, and state-of-the-art tech interactive displays.

Blink will have an exclusive offer – video-on demand-service that includes long subscription at the special rate of 999php, as well as BlockBuster bundles (which include new video releases like Kung Fu Panda 3 and Batman vs Superman).

Vivo will also launch its latest smartphone, the V3 Rose Gold Edition. This phone comes in a sleek and stylish glass-on-metal body with 3GB of RAM, a fingerprint scanner, and 4G LTE connectivity.
 Smart also invites customers to get SMART LIFE, the newest lifestyle app from Smart Communications. Smart, being the undisputed leader in mobile, has been at the forefront in coming up with world-class digital innovations - offering services that make the consumers’ lives better (from fueling the date intensive needs of millennials via the Smart Bro 4G pocket wifi to bringing people closer together through their Smart Barkada Tour).
 "The first stage of the SmartLife app focuses on curating the hottest digital content in one platform, and more perks and content are being uploaded daily. The next stages for SmartLife will roll out exciting new functionalities to provide subscribers with more delightful experiences.

Download the SmartLife app now for free on Google Play Store and start discovering the most awesome perks and digital content. To learn more, visit or follow Smart’s official accounts on Facebook (, Twitter and Instagram (@LiveSmart)". -excerpt from

This really is good news, especially to thrifty moms like me! Hehe! Don’t miss out on all the cool happenings this August. Pay them (all IT retail stores and CyberZone in all SM malls nationwide) a visit today!

Ready, Tech, Go!

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