Saturday, April 2, 2016


 If there is one thing that will make me truly happy.... it’s chocolate.

When Pampanga Bloggers were invited to try home-cooked goodies of Mother’s Cake House, located in Balibago, Angeles, everyone was ecstatic.

Mother’s Cake House is a family-owned business of Sir Pocholo Flores. Their specialties are mouth-watering desserts, pastries, and cakes.

 Look at the interior, isn’t it cute? 
(we visited during the ber month, hence the decor).
At the time of visit, the place was clean, cozy, and perfect for intimate gathering. The cakes and pastries were well kept. And it had me on pink. *wink*

On the table: 
Clockwise: BeeHive 12php/pc | Crinkles 95php | Banana Cake 55php

What I really like about their Bee Hive (chocolate-covered brownie) is that the chocolate is not too sweet. The crinkles? Soft and heaven in every bite. Their banana bread is moist and tasted just right. 
Clockwise: Croquembouche | Pancit Palabok 50php | Baked Mac 65php | Cream Puffs 12 per pc

I was not able to taste it (croquembouche) because we do not want to ruin it, (besides, we were able to try the regular cream puffs with chocolate on top. Yum!). hehe! Look how enticing it is. 

The pancit palabok in Pampanga, for me, has a unique taste. It’s more flavourful, compared to the other version I tried in the past.
The baked mac is to drool for. Hehe! Cheese, cheese, and did I say cheese? 

Overall dining experience: Satisfying and excellent food choices at an affordable price.

Mother’s Cake House. An old-fashioned dining at its best.
Mother’s Cake House
ADDRESS: 1984 Marlim Ave,
Diamond Subdivision, 2009
Balibago, Angeles, Philippines
CONTACT NOs: (045) 625- 7593,
091555360250, 09998060250
HRS of OPERATION: 8:30am-8:00pm

Note: This is part of the Pampanga Restaurant Tour 2015


  1. The decor and ambiance of the restaurant is really suitable to the restaurant's name. It's feminine, but cozy looking. We would love to try their croquembouche, Beehive and cream puffs if ever we get to visit Pampanga.

  2. Wow!! The ambiance and the interior designs of the resto was beautiful. Will visit this when we went back to Pampanga soon!

  3. The interior design is cute, simple and girlie love it, and there cakes look yummy 😋, thankyou 😘

  4. The interior is superb and chill! The products look tasty. Would love to visit and try a piece of cake. :)

  5. This looks enticing.The colors are dainty.I hope to visit it sometime.

  6. The first thing I noticed was the cake house--so cute. And the delicacies are so instagram-worthy! Looking forward to try that Croquembouche soon!! :)

    The Daily Whim

  7. Oh that place looks so pretty ... I was in Pampanga recently but wasn't able to visit this place.

  8. Palabok, Baked Mac and Cream Puffs and I'm happy!! The facade and interior reminds me of my mini bakeshop hello kitty toy.

  9. The place is soooo cute! I wish I got to try this when we went to Pampanga before. I love cream puffs!

  10. The first thing I noticed is the shop's design. It is so adorable. I feel like I will stay longer than I am supposed to. Lol The food looks tasty as well.

  11. The place looks really cute. I like how it looks. I hope they have a branch near in Manila.

  12. Nice place and the pastries are not too steep...


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