Saturday, March 5, 2016

#PETASUMMERPROGRAM 2016 and #3StarsAndASun Experience

Last week, I was thrilled to receive an invite to join the first ever PETA Media and Bloggers Tour.

What is PETA?

“Founded in 1967 by Cecile-Guidote Alvarez, the Philippine Educational Theater Association (PETA) is an organization of creative and critical artist-teacher-cultural workers committed to artistic excellence and a people’s culture that fosters both personal fulfillment and social transformation. It roots its foundation in the use of theater that is distinctly Filipino as a tool for social change and development”.


It started with a brief introduction about PETA by John and Ada. Followed by a quick tour inside the set of 3 Stars and a Sun, the ongoing rap musical, featuring the songs of Master Rapper, Francis Magalona. 

After the set visit, we were given a chance to experience first-hand how PETA conducts a workshop. We were asked to form a circle and sat down. The first part was a question-and-answer session with John. He had to leave after the conversation for he needed to prepare for the show but Ada stepped in.
We did various activities – from getting-to-know-you to acting out wherein it instantly created a bond between the participants, who, by the way, only met that day. It was pure fun! It’s a classic example of learning through play. Awesome experience! Thank you, Peta! 
 Photo Credit (all 2 group pics): Ms Vic


Great news!

To those who wish to experience the same fun like we did, this is your chance! Enroll now at PETA Summer Workshop.
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Why enroll in PETA?

Notable aspect of Peta workshop is its unique integrated theatre arts (ITA) approach. This assures enrollees of a holistic theatre experience as it discusses the varied elements of theatre, from creative writing, visual arts, creative drama, creative music, to body movement, and dance.

To those who would like to enroll, you may contact PETA at the following numbers:

Tel No. 02-725-6244
Cellphone No. 0905-369-6003

Or email them at:
For additional Info, you may check their website:


This came as a surprise! After the workshop, Ms Vic from Marketing, came and handed us a pass to watch 3 Stars and a Sun that afternoon.

"3 Stars and a Sun offers a dystopian look at what our future can come to if the problems of the present are left unresolved; a cautionary tale and a challenge to today’s youth to act together and act swiftly before it’s too late". - PETA

I was in awe even after the play because the geniuses behind the production were able to deliver a strong message about nationalism, status quo, and repression, just to name a few. It is a mixture of drama, action, comedy, and legendary music of The Francis M., perfectly executed! Kudos!

You can still catch the last day of showing tomorrow, March 6, 2016: 

3PM (Sun) - 09178390768
8PM (Sun) - 09273709581

Thank you, PETA! I had a great time and gained new friends. 

Contact Nos: 02-725-6244 / 0905-369-6003


  1. I find it really amazing that the theater industry is starting to bloom! Many have been buzzing about various plays and a lot are seemingly engaged to it! It must be a rewarding experience to be part of this interesting tour and to be able to witness the actors during their practice!

  2. Woah! Lets unleash our theatrically creative and talented selves with this one. hihi Though this one is not my thing. :( Maybe I can be the audience hehe

  3. Looks like you had fun! I'm curious if I've got at least a drop of acting in my blood but I'm really shy to join an acting workshop.

  4. The tour sounds fun! The workshop, though, I would probably contented just being among the audience because I'm introverted. Haha. I would love to watch 3 Stars and a Sun especially because the music is a genre I have been accustomed to unlike the classics. :)

  5. This is a worthwhile summer activity that kids and adults can both enjoy. I have friends who are into theaters and it's amazing to be privy on how they get into character. :)

  6. Awesome!! This is a great way to meet new people and learn new things!!! :)

  7. This is amazing. I want also to enroll maybe soon. A great post indeed. Thank you for sharing xx

  8. Wow! I love attending workshops and watching theatrical plays! I've been on some before, but nothing as high-level as this one. You sure look like you had a lot of good fun (and the people with you seemed friendly enough)! Haha. Tempting...

  9. Think I am following you on IG (or someone from your group) because i saw that photo on my ig feed. You are so lucky to be invited! Bet it's an awesome experience. :)

  10. First time to see how PETA looks like inside :-) I've been there when my daughter had her trials, but I wasn't allowed to go inside. Thanks for sharing.

  11. We have something exactly like this in leading Mumbai theatres like Prithvi and NCPA. I wish they would also organise something like this for bloggers.


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