Saturday, March 12, 2016


 If I were to choose which Pampanga-based restaurant I want my family and friends to try, I’d say, K Cafe will be one of my top choices. This restaurant is owned by Chef Caren Kwong and is conveniently located at Nepo Quad, Angeles City. 

Was fortunate to be one of the invited guests in their store in Nepo. Upon arrival, fellow bloggers and I were greeted by the owner, Ms Caren. Staff were also friendly and accommodating. Ambiance is awesome! Natural light comes in through the glass windows, perfect place for catching up with friends or simply dining in with family.

As for the food, let the following pictures do the talking...

On the table: 
Vietnamese Spring Rolls 190php

Combination of pork and shrimp wrap plus Nuoc Mam sauce
(fish sauce  with lime juice, garlic and chillies). With lettuce, basil and cilantro. 
Roasted Bone Marrow 220php

This came as a surprise. The roasted bone marrow tastes good when paired with baked bread and salsa. 
California Maki Salad 200php

Fresh green salad and mango with an interesting Mayo-Wasabi dressing.  
Asian Gambas 220php

Anything that has fresh prawns in it, I eat. Thumbs up! hehe! 
Salmon Sisig 250php

Sisig is undeniably one of the best Kapampangan dishes. But this is a healthier version. 
Bulalo Steak 260php

Another interesting dish, and quite surprisingly delish. Paired with veggies and baked baby potatoes. 
Iberian Chicken 225php

Chicken’s not necessarily fried, but more of poached in oil so the flavor is still locked in then herbs and spices were added. 
Jambalaya Pasta 210php

Did I mention that anything with prawns/shrimps, I eat? But what I like about this dish more is that it is a bit spicy and creamy. Yum! 
Braised Pork Belly with Ramen Egg 250php

Rice, rice, more rice please?

Now, let’s move on to my favorite part... Desserts!

Dulce De Leche 
Turtle Mousse
Sizzling Apple Cheesecake 180php

This, I should say, is the best dessert I’ve ever tasted. Playful mix of flavor will leave you more than satisfied.

Thank you, K Cafe! 

K Cafe Quad Nepo
Operating Hours: 11:30am to 11:30pm
Tel No.: 045-322-9191
IG: @kcafe_official

Note: This is part of the Pampanga Restaurant Tour 2015


  1. If I am in this restaurant, I would like to try the California Maki Salad. :) It looks yummy!

  2. Definitely bookmarking this for my next Pampanga food trip! I'm pescetarian, so I'm happy to see seafood options on the menu (especially salmon sisig!).

  3. Wow, your photos made me hungry. I think the price is okay for its serving size. I'll bookmark this restaurant so I can try it when I'm in Pampanga. Thanks for your nice review!

  4. I am curious about the sizzling apple cheesecake. I will definitely look for this place if ever I will be in Pampanga.

  5. Nice choice of resto! Oops. California Maki Salad for the win! I can see myself going in here. Sana i can be in Pampanga soon.

  6. Hmmmm I haven't been to Pampanga ever but if I do, I will definitely try K-cafe. I also love how they arrange / design their food. It actually pleases my eyes :)

  7. I always make the mistake of going through food posts at the oddest hour. It's now 3am and after seeing your picture, hungry as hell haha.

  8. I love Viet foods so the first picture caught my attention. Would love to check this place if I happen to pass by Quad Nepo. But what exactly is their food niche? I see unusual combinations.

  9. The combinations are quite unusual. However, they look palatable and, best of all, affordable. Will definitely try this when we pass by Pampanga.

  10. Whoooo! fooooooood! Your post, the sumptuous food made me oh so hungry! ahhhh!

  11. I love the presentation of the food, instagrammable so to speak. I would love to try the roasted bone marrow, it looks so appetizing.


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