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REALTALK About That So Called Love (And a Great Place Where You Can #ShareDifferent about Love)

Since it’s the love month, let me share some random thoughts about that so called LOVE. I am no expert. I chose this topic because I do not normally discuss love in detail nor give an opinion about relationships, in general, on my blog or to any of my social media accounts because I am a bit scared that some people might get offended by what I am about to say. This "idea" of sharing different, came from a new found friend of mine, Irene of Veems because according to her - "The Internet and social media are supposed to be places where we can explore our ideas freely in the first place". For the sake to #ShareDifferent, here it is:

What is Love?

“Love is a force of nature. However much we may want to, we cannot command, demand, or take away love, any more than we can command the moon and the stars and the wind and the rain to come and go according to our whims”. Source:

For me, LOVE is something you should NOT take lightly. It has the power to brighten up your day or suck the life out of you. There are different kinds but the particular love I am talking about is the romantic kind.

Looking for Mr/Ms Right

To those who are looking for Mr/Ms Right, remember, wait and do not settle. It will be given to you at the perfect time. Believe it. I did and so as many others out there. Some may wonder as to how do you know if he/she is the right one? Hmm... In my case, you just know (with the help of prayers). I remember someone asked me why I am so serious whenever I talk about love and relationship. Why? Do you enter a relationship just for fun? Of course, I want the real deal and I want people around me to have that kind of relationship as well. I’m old school and I wanted my first boyfriend to be my last and it came true. It’s a matter of choice, I guess.

REALTALK: Stop looking for love in the most inappropriate places. Though there may be exceptions, but do you honestly think people who wanted to hang out and have some fun in a bar is looking for real love? Come on.

In a Relationship

To those who are new in a relationship, remember, it takes more than “kilig” to make it last. Love is not enough, you both need to actually work on it.

REALTALK: There’s no formula for a perfect relationship (there is no such thing as perfect either). I guess the reasons why some relationships work are because of the following:

1. Constant communication. Both of you should be able to talk about random things, from food to decision-making, even the littlest things that could “ruin” your relationship, if you know what I mean. Learn to let go of the things or people who has the potential to mess it up.

2. Relationship’s not all about good times, there will come a point that you’ll get fed up but giving up is not and should not be an option. Also, don’t try to badmouth your partner on facebook / twitter / IG each and every time you argue. Over sharing is also a bad habit. Talk to the person whom you are having problems with, not with somebody you are not in a relationship with.

3. Spend some time alone with your love. Go on a quick vacation or staycation. Rediscover all of the things that made you fall in love with him/her in the first place.

Still in the Playing Field

And to those who are still in the “playing field”. Unsolicited advice: please stop.

REALTALK: In this generation, kindly enlighten me why some long for a serious relationship, yet grab the first person who showed interest in them. Whatever your intentions are, would it be okay if you try to know the person first and see if it fits the standard you set for yourself? It also fascinates me how some can even have lots of lovers all at the same time and not confuse one with the other. Whoa. What a skill, I should say. Hehe! I really hope that when the time comes, that you feel you’re done playing games and want the real thing, there will be this one person who will accept your past and will love you wholeheartedly... ‘Cause honestly, you’re missing a lot.

"The wrong person makes you beg for attention, affection, love and commitment. The right person gives you these things because they love you" - Sonya Parker

How about you? Have you ever been scared on sharing your opinion on your blog or social media accounts?

According to a study done by Pew Research, most of the Facebook users won’t share their opinion about a certain topic if they think it’s unpopular. This is a situation called spiral of silence.  People are afraid to speak up for fear of isolation.

It’s especially more difficult for bloggers. We have to be more careful of what we say. 

The team behind the social app, Veems, felt that many people share on social media, topics that they think are safe or fit the status quo. While this is good, there are topics or questions in life that we must explore with other human beings. 

Here’s a video that perfectly captures the thoughts of people who would like to talk about some serious topics on social media:
If you’re an extrovert who have very strong opinions or an introvert who just love to ponder on the important questions in life, here’s why Veems is a good social app for you:

1. Share a public status privately. Just like on Facebook and Twitter, you can share what’s on your mind to your followers. But instead of just posting it on your timeline, the status is sent as a private message. It becomes more personal and you don’t have to comment, “will PM you” if you want to take the conversation privately. 

2. Because when someone replies to your message, only you will see it. This puts you in control of the conversation that you started.

3. Join public chat on Veems like the Anonymous. Iddo Goren, Veems CEO, started the Anonymous public chat to help people share their ideas and emotions more freely. There are topics and certain experiences that we go through daily that we just can’t share on Facebook. The Anonymous public chat is a sure hit--with almost 5 million messages sent in a given day. Users have talked about different topics from the struggles in school to sex, parenting, religion, and relationships.

Find out how you can share different on Veems by visiting their website and download Veems on GooglePlay, so you can hugot your heart out.


  1. A very interesting read! As a couple, we value the roles and opinions of each other and more importantly, we always make sure that during those conflict times, we don't have the feeling of contempt for one another.

  2. In our family we do things that move us to love. Love for us is our strength and also our weakness. So when we need to make a decision, we will act if love dictates us to do so.

  3. I love this post..very inspiring... i'll bookmark this! Thanks for sharing! :)

  4. On being comfortable sharing my opinion online, I'm not. I just don't like discussing religion and politics, but that's also because I don't like talking about these things in real life either.

    As for love, my status has been "In a Relationship" for a very long time now, and so far so good. It's not at all easy, but it's worth it. Cliche but true.

  5. This is a very timely and great read.It's my first time encountering the social app Veems.It sounds interesting! With all the soci apps out there nothing beats one on one attentive communication to grow our relationships

  6. Very good insights. I will share this with my teeners who have "loves and crushes" na haha!

  7. This looks interesting. I should probably try it out. But I love the insights you mentioned! :)

  8. I agree that there is no formula for perfect relationship. It's a combination of all the essential things like trust, love, respect etc. Never heard of Veems, will check on that.

  9. This is nice. I should check veems out for the opinionated me. :) love is too big of a word for me.

  10. Such a good read! I prayed for my lifetime partner for many years and my husband right now is the answered prayer.

  11. You had me at those guys you meet in a bar. I have friends in mid 30s who still have no boyfriend and I always tell them to go in a bar to meet some guys. I thought they could find their real love in that kind of place hehehe. I won't tell that advice again. Never. THanks for sharing!

    Mhaan <3 | Mommy Rockin' In Style Blog

  12. nice read! I'll be checking out this app. Sometimes I need a private place for my thoughts. Right now I a have a private blog where I usually write my very private thoughts and rants.

  13. An interesting app for teens feeling teens hehe! Plus this is more private :)

  14. Helpful way to delve into fears, hesitations and anxiety without worry of being judged. I'm also cautious of what I post on social media accounts.

  15. What an inspiring post! Real talk: Love is hard work.

  16. As to my status, I'm married and so far, everything is going smoothly. There are bumps along the way but we managed to resolve it not just because for our kids' sake.

    Regarding sharing my views online, it depends. I am not comfortable sharing every detail about my life to others. I sometimes share my opinion on things, but that is only when I'm in the mood to defend my stand. LOL

  17. Nice post a lot of very good points. I love to try this social app in the future.

  18. Love your insights on love! It's uncomfortable for me to share some feelings online but when I'm extremely emotional, I blurt it out on social media.

  19. I always believe in destiny and power of love :-) love your post


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