Friday, February 5, 2016

Aqtiv Archery: Country's 1st Archery Challenge Maze

30th of January, 2016, was such a memorable day for me. This was when blogger friends and I experienced a day of fun under the sun in Sandbox, Porac, Pampanga.

I, (together with my family), have been living in Pampanga for a year now (is it?? whew, how time flies so fast!) and I must say that this place has A LOT to offer, from exceptional food trips to excellent recreational spots. And here’s the latest addition: AQTIV ARCHERY by Oculus.

AQTIV ARCHERY is the country's first ARCHERY CHALLENGE MAZE, where the archer and targets are moving and time is not on your side.
This is the latest attraction in Sandbox wherein you are given a mission and should complete within 2 minutes. Unlike the usual target archery, participants must face and defeat the “monsters” by firing an arrow to it before you can move on to the next phase. To add thrill to it, the difficult levels have “moving blocks that protect the monsters” which will make it more challenging to put an arrow on.

Aqtiv Archery is the branchild of Ms Krizia Chu-Tranquilino, General Manager of Oculus Archery. “For the recreational archer, it’s the next step to improving their skills and enjoying archery even more at the Sandbox”, as per Ms Krizia.


250php per attempt on the challenge maze
400php package rate which includes 30-min target archery

*Note: first-timers can try 30-min target archery first (includes basic lessons, equipment, and a stationary target). This is a pre-requisite before you can try Aqtiv Archery.
Target Archery's super fun, too! All you need to remember are 3 Basic Things: 

1. Your body should be facing your right and only you face will tilt to your left so you can have a good look at your target. 

2. If you are right-handed, grab your bow with your left hand and stretch your arm forward (toward the target). 

3. When placing an arrow on the bow, nock the arrow and make sure that the vane with different color (there are 3 vanes) is pointing away from the bow. 

For a more detailed instruction, I found a link on how to shoot an arrow via wikihow :) 
Aside from archery, SANDBOX also offers outdoor activities like Wall Climbing, Rapelling, and Free Fall. It also has a 15-meter Adventure Tower, that provides a great view of Alviera. There's also Avatar One, the first roller coaster zipline in Asia as well as ATV and mini ATV rides plus a themed kiddie picnic areas, mini golf, and a courtyard. 

These are just some of the reasons why you should visit Sandbox at Alviera!

“The launch of Aqtiv Archery is only the beginning as Sandbox continues to expand in size and attractions in 2016. Other attractions to be launched this year include a 3-hectare Urban Karting, Airsoft, and Paintball facility together with the opening of restaurants", said Mr John Estacio, General Manager of Alviera.

Yay! :) 

Special shout out to Aqtiv Archery and Stratos PR. Thank you!
Hours of Operation: Tues to Sun 9AM-5PM
Phone Numbers: 0917-803-3099 / 045-432-0014

Booking guidelines, kindly check their:
Email Address:

Aqtiv Archery by Oculus
Phone Number: 0906-391-0487
Address: Sandbox at Alviera, Porac, Pampanga


  1. Wow! Archery is so cool.

  2. Thanks for sharing this info, Pampanga is one of travel wishlist this 2016 and i want to try that kind of activities.

    1. yes, you should. Then add Pampanga food trip on your list. kindly check this link - and help this helps :)

  3. Great new installment from Sandbox! Never tried archery when we came there cos pagod na pagod na kami sa ibang attractions haha! Someday!

  4. Me Want to try that! I'll bring my friend and put an apple to his/her head! :D

  5. I am so hoping that this could be part of my side trip after attending the Hot Air Balloon festival.. i am torn between Dinosaur Island or Sandbox.. but if none of these two will work.. i might have a DIY tour exploring some churches in Pampanga .. i'm aiming for Betis Church hehe

    1. I haven't been to Dinosaur Island but if you decided to have a sidetrip in Sandbox, it's worth it :)

  6. Interesting. I've never been in Sandbox before, might as well plan a trip to this lovely place in the future. One question though, is there a requirement before you attend in this archery attraction? Like having basic knowledge of archery. What if you don't have any basic knowledge of it? Will they coach or teach you the basics?

    1. For Aqtiv Archery, you'll need to try the target archery first. Then they will ask you if it's your first time. Then before you start, someone will demonstrate and teach you how to use the bow and the arrow. it is pretty easy, promise. But to hit the target, well, it's a different story. hehe! I was a first-timer also.

  7. We've been here last year and we enjoyed all of their activities especially the free fall and the obstacle (forgot the name). But haven't tried the archery. Maybe next time if we can go back, we'll definitely try this. It seems fun and challenging! :)

  8. This recreational spot can be a alternate teambuilding activity for corporations.. got to check this one soon.

  9. Wow! Great addition and it's good that the training is a pre requisite para di naman sayang ung bayad. Wala akong matatamaan nyan! Hahaha.


  10. Haven't tried archery. My girls will love this siguro :-)

    1. I'm sure they will, Mommy Lani. Meron kmi ksabay na mga 7 yrs old lng :)

  11. Wow this is a new discovery! Can't wait to bring my friends here... Thanks for sharing :)

  12. Been wanting to try Archery since college especially that I graduated from a school whose varsity name is Green Archers. I just recently found out that one of the malls now offer this activity here in our province. I'm just saving up for my lessons with them. They have quite high prices for a few hours lesson. Unlike with the AQTIV that's 30 minutes! Worth it yun!

    It would have been really fun doing this with fellow bloggers! Thinking of inviting other fellow Caviteno bloggers to join me. Hehe.

    1. Why not? go and plan it na. Are you a Cavitena? Me too :)


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