Monday, November 16, 2015

Eyes Wide Open

Checked the clock, it is 12:52am. And I am still awake. I dunno why. There are a lot of things and ideas running through my mind. I can’t sleep.

Is it the caffeine intake?

Could be.

Been very busy with a lot of things lately that I completely abandoned my site for about a month now. I did not intend to do that. It’s just that I’ve taken so many responsibilities in the past weeks that up until now, I am not sure if I am cut out for it. But one thing is for sure, I love writing and honestly, I really like what I’m doing. I sometimes want to push myself to the limit, to the point that I could no longer breathe. (yeah, masochist here. Lol). 

I am a work-at-home mom. I chose to be one. Why? Because I got inspired by numerous wahms in the wahmderful community. Plus I was given a chance to do what I love to do while at home and get paid for it. Sounds nice, right? But honestly, it's not easy. It took me weeks to get used to the routine and I sometimes feel guilty if I need to let my daughter watch her favorite shows while I try to finish something in a rush. There are also times that I need to wait for my daughter to sleep before I can get things done. Maybe that's the reason why my sleeping pattern's all screwed up. Hehe! 

I hope not. 

Time check: 1:20am. I guess I need to sleep even if I don't feel like sleeping yet. Argh! 

But this is nice. Again, I am able to write something on my blog about my personal, random feeling, just like old times. It felt great. 
Soon on the blog! My Blogapalooza 2015 experience, Subic Adventure, iHop, LZM and Ryu! =) 

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