Tuesday, September 22, 2015

BIF’s Smoke and Grill, Angeles City, Pampanga

Last week, I received an invitation to review a restaurant in Pampanga. When my family moved in the north, I thought that I would no longer have an opportunity to attend events as often as I used to when I was in the metro. I was wrong. That’s why I’m ecstatic about this event and of course, meeting new blogger friends.
Since I do not know how to commute (to and within Angeles City), Hubby (and my little girl) decided to drive me to the venue and waited for me in the parking lot. The owners were kind enough to let them join our dinner when they found out that they’re just outside but even before it got started, my daughter became uneasy (overwhelmed by new faces she saw) so they came out of the restaurant and roamed around Nepo quad instead.

BIF’s Smoke and Grill
This 1yr and 4mos old restaurant is located in Nepo Quad, Angeles City, Pampanga. The owners, Sir Jude, Sir Caloy and Sir Tim, named it after the famous villain in the movie Back to the Future. They serve a wide array of high-quality meat dishes and generous servings of well-loved burgers and fries.

Upon entering the establishment, you will notice the rustic feel of the place, thanks to Sir Jude, one of the owners, who designed the place. The restaurant can accommodate up to 50 guests (35 inside and 15 outside – dine al fresco). At the time of the visit, the place was clean and the servers for the night were flashing friendly smiles.

If you follow me on IG or my FB friend, you will surely enjoy this post as I will provide a detailed review of each dish I posted last week (I know you have A LOT of questions. Fret no more, all will be answered. Just continue reading dear).

Note: the following photos will definitely make you drool. Make sure you’ve taken your meal. Remember, you’ve been warned! *wink*

On the table:

Pulled Pork Nachos 200php

This was the first thing served to us. The flavor of the smoked shredded pork and melted mozzarella cheese were just right when eaten together with the nacho. In my mind, it was a good start(er) and a promising dinner. Can’t wait for the next dish :)  
Bif’s Caesar Salad 190php

This came as a surprise. I did not know lettuce can be this crunchy, I liked it. You will surely know that they only serve garden-fresh market produce veggies. The croutons, on the other hand, were slow-baked in the oven. When you take a bite, there’s a hint of parmesan cheese for that salty (and crunchy) flavour you can’t get enough of.

Bif’s Buffalo Wings 220php (6pcs) / 420php (12pcs)

These crispy fried chicken wings were lightly coated with spicy sauce. This will go from mild to mouth-burning hot!

Smoked BBQ Pork Ribs -- php (per slab) / 350php (per plate serving)

This dish is one of the stars of the night. A mouthful of meaty tenderness glazed with Bif’s signature BBQ sauce. This dry rubbed meat (with herbs and spices) was smoked using only special maple, mesquite or hickory wood chips to capture that unique smoky goodness and to have that luscious tenderness.

This comes with creamy parmesan mashed potatoes and a choice of fresh buttered vegetables, corn wheels or baked beans.
Big B(ad).A(ss).D(eadly).Burger

This Big BAD Burger – 10-inch, 2lbs burger, was the idea of Sir Caloy, one of the owners. This comes with a special Judas sauce. According to him, one of their best sellers is their burger and some guests were asking if they offer something that is good for sharing. He also mentioned that they are also cooking up sort of a food challenge, their own version of a famous US series, Man vs Food. But no concrete details yet.

Chili Dog 240php / Bif’s Grilled Pork Steak 290php / Bif’s Braised Beef Belly350php

And I thought that was it... But no, they served these mouth-watering dishes, one after the other. Even if I am full, I still appreciated the distinct taste of these grilled faves.

Chili Dog – homemade sausages (yep, double dog serving for double the goodness!) covered with Bif’s chilli con carne, chopped onions and melted cheddar cheese.
Bif’s Grilled Pork Steak – succulent and served with creamy mustard sauce, rice and fresh buttered veggies.
Bif’s Braised Beef Belly – braised in the oven for hours. US Angus Beef slices that melt in your mouth, served with red wine au jus, rice, buttered vegetables and corn wheels.

Whew. After those mouth-watering meat goodness, it’s time for some sweets. Me, having a sweet tooth, enjoyed this ice cream on top of a cookie dessert. Just look at it! Need I say more? :)

All in all, it was an awesome experience. Great food. New found friends. Thanks to Khai for inviting me, Ms Nica for being so nice to me, to my new found blogger friends and of course, to the very generous owners of Bif’s Smoke and Grill – Sir Jude, Sir Caloy and Sir Tim. Thank you for having us. 
‘Til next time!

BIF’s Smoke and Grill
Nepo Quad, Angeles City
Bif's FB Page


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