Monday, September 14, 2015

5 Reasons Why I Fell In Love with Love Desserts

Last Saturday, my family, and 3 blogger friends were invited to try out Love Desserts buffet in Banawe, QC (thank you, Ms K for the invite). Our family arrived few minutes before 10 AM and the place is still closed, which is acceptable since the meet-up time given was 10:30 AM (we just don’t want to be late and avoided the traffic).

While waiting, I noticed that the desserts were being transferred from a red van to the store. Those tasty cupcakes and mouth-watering sweets were inside the clean food containers. I found out later on from one of the staff named Kuya Ronald that the owner, Ms Jenny has a separate place where the sweets were being made by her trusted employees. I was amazed.

When the “open” signage was posted, we went inside and I knew the moment I stepped in that this store will have a special place in my heart...

Here are 5 Reasons why I fell in love with Love Desserts

1. Ambiance
The place is clean and the interior is very inviting. They have space for couples who would like to spend an hour or two eating their favorite desserts while exchanging sweet nothings. 
Or you can go with your friends and bond over desserts. It’s a cool place to eat and have endless chika with the girls. 

2. Affordability
The dessert buffet only costs 199php per head for 2 hours. Isn’t it a sweet deal? I bet Ms. Jen Chua (the lady in yellow), owner of Love Desserts believes that great food need not be pricey.

3. Sweet and Accommodating Staff
While preparing my halo-halo, some of the staff asked and offered to make a sweet note on the plate (Kuya Ronald is the one who made it) and cookie ala mode (made by Ate Lyza). Aww... :) 

4. Kid’s Haven
Of course! Desserts buffet + Kids = endless happiness! This is every little girl’s (and boys!) dream resto. Need I say more? 

5. Food
Imagine the moist chocolate cake, red velvet cupcakes, panna cotta, brazo de mercedes, and all the yummy sweets you can think of are all in one buffet table. 
They also have salad, nachos, empanada, dynamite, arroz caldo, coffee and shake. 

I am sure that when you visit Love Desserts, you will have more than 5 reasons to be happy!

Thank you very much for having us! ‘til next time! 

915 Banawe Street, Quezon City


  1. Really enjoyed the experience! Hoping to come back there soon, this time with the kiddos! :)

    1. yes, your kids will definitely enjoy this too :)

  2. Ang saya talaga ng chismisan natin! Super thank you!

  3. San banda sa Banawe to sis? Yung sa may Ace Water Spa part or a may Quezon Ave part?


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