Wednesday, August 5, 2015


 It was a fine Sunday morning. My baby and I went on another adventure (now for two consecutive weekends. We’re getting the hang of it. Hehe!). We were invited (thanks to Mommy Bloggers Ph for the invite) to another fun-filled day and this time, it is in FunRanch, courtesy of Rebisco. 

FUNRANCH in Ortigas is right across Tiendesitas. We arrived few minutes past noon and since the event will start at 2pm, Miel can still play for 2 hours in the Playdium. 
PLAYDIUM is an indoor play area of FunRanch. It is located just in front of the Big Red Barn. 
Miel loves playing on the slide. Though she was not allowed to play in the big slide (and I got scared to sign the waiver. Hehe) due to her age, she still managed to enjoy the “baby” slide, as she fondly called it.
10 minutes before 2pm, I was able to convince my baby to stop playing (few minutes of drama, of course. hehe)and we went to the Big Red Barn, where the Rebisco Party will be held. 


At the party, I met a lot of mommy bloggers (this is one the reasons why I love attending events, you get to see your old buddies and meet new ones, as well).

It was indeed a fun day! Loads of games and prizes plus Rebisco threw in a Magic Show that left the kids in awe!

They also provided buffet spread to all of the participants and after eating, REBISCO introduced its newest product – VITACUBES! 
VitaCubes are cube-shaped jelly candies that come in 5 different fruit flavours: strawberry, apple, grape, orange and mango.

Aside from having delicious taste, VitaCubes are fortified with essential vitamins and minerals, namely: lysine, zinc, Vit A, B, C and E, that are important for growing children.

It is currently available at all Mercury Drug outlets, SM Supermarkets, Robinson’s Supermarkets Waltermart, Landmark, Puregold, MiniStop, and local groceries.

It can be bought per box (containing 10 packs – 50g each), per 50g pack or in singles.

HOW MUCH: 12php SRP for a 50g pack and 1php SRP (each) VitaCubes singles.

Yummy has never been this healthy. Healthy has never been this yummy! 


  1. I agree it was such a fun day for everyone :)

  2. My daughter enjoyed it a lot. She loves vitacubes hehe running out of stock

  3. I am getting a pack when I visit the grocery store. Thanks for the heads up and God bless you! :-)

  4. I've bought Vitacubes before but never thought they really had a lot of vitamins. I'm sure you had a fantastic time!

  5. Wow I've never heard of Vitacubes! Will see if I can get my hands on some soon. :)

  6. We are in the same event :-) we arrived exactly 2pm so after the program na siya nakapaglaro.

  7. I missed this event. It did look you and your daughter had lots of fun. Thank you for sharing! :)

  8. looks like Miel really enjoyed playing. my son stayed the entire time at the play area! it was lovely meeting you at the event mommy, hope to see you again soon! :)


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