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Hello! Today on the blog, I will be sharing my very first entry under the “Toddler Tuesday” portion. Since Honey’s Haven evolved from personal to food & travel and now parenting & lifestyle blog, I guess it’s about time that I post about caring for your toddler (since I have one and would like to document every milestone of Miel as well).

The first topic that I would like to share is how I potty-trained my daughter in less than a week. Yes, you read it right! Curious? Keep reading, dear :)

When my daughter’s close to turning two, I decided to let her sit on her talking pink potty (a gift from a good friend) from time to time. In Psychology, that’s what you call conditioning. However, she seemed hesitant to actually pee or poop on it. She relied solely on her diaper to do those things. Potty, well, became like an additional stool in the house.

I did not force her to be potty-trained at age 2. If she wanted to wear a diaper, I let her use it. If she does not want to, then I don’t put it on. But MOST of the time, the diaper wins (lol).

When she turned 3 (few months ago), that’s when it hit me. Today, most of the kids her age are potty-trained. Also, I plan to enroll her to nursery next school year. As early as now, I begin checking and reading about how and what is expected from a toddler before entering preschool (I believe in planning way in advance). One of the requirements of this particular school that I like is that the child needs to know how to use the comfort room. So if I wanted Miel to be accepted next school year, she needs to say goodbye to her diapers. I need to make this happen.

I searched the net (well, youtube, in particular) and bookmarked all those catchy songs I was able to find. I then let my daughter browse through the different potty songs I was able to gather. Toddlers love music. I quickly noticed which particular song catches her attention (I am sure you will too) and that’s what I used to lure her into sitting on the potty seat the next day.

DAY 1: This is it! I attached the potty seat (remember the talking pink potty? Well, the seat is detachable) to the toilet bowl and I let her sit on it for about 2 minutes while watching a short clip (potty song, diaper version of Little Baby Bum) in youtube (she uses her handy dandy tablet).

If you want to view the video, here’s the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m6DkUw4JL54

Result: FAIL

But I looked on the bright side. Even when she did not pee or poop on where I want her to pee or poop, she sang the song the whole day and kept on talking why she should say goodbye to her diapers. (line of the song: “...I don’t need my diapers anymore”).

DAY 2: Same as the day before, I let her sit again on the potty seat that is attached to the toilet bowl and played the song again in youtube. What’s different this day is that she said wiwi meaning she wanted to pee while eating her merienda. She stood, held my hand and we went straight to the comfort room. I was surprised! She did it!

But on her second attempt that day, when I’m prepping her to sleep, she was not able to contain it and peed on the floor then said wiwi? I immediately said It's okay! Next time, you tell mommy if you want to pee.

Result: Not bad. It’s just her second day.

DAY 3: Same as before, she sat on the potty seat and watched the video in youtube.  After few minutes, same as before, still nothing. I let her down the seat and go by our daily routine. Then it happened. She said poo-poo, held my hand and we both went to the CR. She did it, at last. Combo. Hehe! Pooped and peed.

Result: Hooray! She did it! And this was the start.

Fast Forward >>> Today, she is potty-trained during the day. (I know.. I am not yet ready to give up my 6hr-straight sleep in the evening. Hehe!). 
UPDATE: 7.19.15 For 3 consecutive days, she's able to sleep at night without wearing diapers and without peeing on the bed. How did she do it? will share on a different post. Hihi! 

Friendly Reminders:
1.     Every child has his/her own learning curve. Encourage and NEVER force him/her to do it. Be patient, my dear. And accidents WILL (and still) happen.
2.     Plan it first. Take note the time of day he/she pee or poop and that’s when you should schedule the potty-training.
3.     Be consistent.
4.     Praise him/her for his/her achievement but do not overdo it.
5.     Shower your bundle of joy with love and affection. If he/she feels that you’re in this together, the more he/she will succeed.

The reason why I created this post is to help parents who are on the same situation. This may not entirely be applicable to your child [Every child is unique and does not come with a manual] but at least, you know that someone [like me!] struggled in achieving this [don't be too hard on yourself, some things take time]. 

Note: This is based solely on personal experience. Not associated with nor compensated by Little Baby Bum. Created this post to share what worked for my daughter, in terms of potty-training and hope to help others too. Not an expert and this is not scientifically proven. Hehe! Thank you! :)


  1. You are right that every child has their own time and their own phase. We, us parents, should be there only to guide them but not to force them. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks for sharing. Hope I have read this when my daughter Mikayla was 2 maybe it would have been easier for me :) this is a must read for new moms and those planning to have one soon

  3. Thank you very much for this!!!! Will bookmark this page and will do this to my little one!! :D

  4. Good job, Mommy and Miel! In our case, storybooks on potty training made it easier for our boy to say goodbye to his diapers. Thanks for sharing your potty training success story!

  5. My kids both just told me they didn't want to wear diapers anymore... I think by age 3? XD

  6. Great job! I potty-trained my son last year just before he turned 2 because he was already ready then. We trained for 2 weeks but it must have been the most frustrating 2 weeks ever!

  7. Good job to both mommy and daughter! :) I was able to potty train my boys early. Diapers are so expensive kasi! Haha. I would not know how to potty train a girl however. If the need arises, I shall come back and review your post. Hihihi. :)

  8. My baby is now almost 2 years old and still not potty trained, but it's fine, we don't want to force her, but hopefully we'll be able to get there soon. Thanks for the tips and reminders.

  9. Wow good job kiddo and mommy! I have a 2-year old son and I have yet to potty train him. But he is quite vocal when he wants to go to the cr. He sometimes even insist to go even when he doesn't really pee. Hehe

  10. Di pa din potty trained itong daughter ko huhu


  11. Nice one sissy! :) I really admire your patient. remember during the playback event? bitbit mo talaga yung kanyang pink potty! :)


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