Saturday, July 11, 2015


Why, hello there? It’s been a month since I last visited (and posted on) the site. Please pardon my absence. I have been meaning to blog in the past weeks but unable to because of a lot of reasons. Let's just say that the previous month's eventful. hehe!

Speaking of event(ful), well, my daughter attended CWS this morning and let me share her (first) #OOTD on the blog. 

On Miel: Dress by Lemon Kiss Apparel

I, personally like Lemon Kiss apparel even before because of its chic and cute designs. Plus it’s mostly made of cotton. It really exudes comfort and style, perfect for toddlers like mine. Aside from that, dresses are sold at a reasonable price (starts at 700+ php). Mommies, like me, will not worry and will get our money’s worth. (Well, I worry because sometimes, whenever I shop for my baby’s dress, I end up buying other stuff too! Hehe!)
When I became a mom, I realized that I will do and give all the best in the world for my daughter. This morning, while I’m prepping her to go to church to attend CWS Anniversary Thanksgiving, I just love how her eyes sparkled when she saw her new dress and shoes. I am amazed when she looked in the mirror and said (while swaying) “Look, Mommy! Dress! Pretty Miel!”. Afterward, she hugged me and kissed me on both cheeks. (I love it when she does that. It makes my heart melt).

I will treasure each instances that I can choose what I want my daughter to wear (because there are times that she will say she does not like the dress, shoes, even the color! promise!). I know she will soon grow up and be more independent. 

But for now, I will enjoy this moment while I still can.


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