Wednesday, July 29, 2015


It’s been a while since I last attended a blogger’s event. Living in the suburbs has its perks and disadvantages as well. Sad to say, one of the disadvantages is that I am far from the usual venues of the events that I want to attend. But when I had the opportunity to be part of the SkyCable/SkyLife’s Playback Rewind, I did not pass on the chance. Too bad, Hubby needed to go to work that day. So, it’s a Mommy and Baby weekend fun, instead.  

Last Saturday, before going to the said event, my baby and I attended a trial toddler class in the morning at the Fort [which I will be sharing on a different post] and after that, we went straight to Rockwell Tent.

At the registration area, we were given stubs for food and loot. Then upon entering the venue, Pose & Print booth was the first thing I saw. I left my big backpack on the floor and had our picture taken [as a souvenir]. 
Tipid-Ngiti of my Baby Miel. Hehe! Photo Credit: Pose & Print

There are different booths that allow you and your child to play piko, kite & clay making, luksong lubid, bamboo bike, jackstone, tumbang preso, pick-up sticks, and pinoy music.

Aside from the activities I mentioned, food & drinks from FunRanch, Party Time, Waffle Time and Figaro filled our tummies. Ice cream from New Zealand Natural’s also a hit.

While roaming around the area, I was able to see some of my blogger friends with their loved ones and together, we enjoyed eating, laughing, and bonding.

Once in a while, we go on different directions to grant our child/ren’s request(s). As for my baby, she frequented the Pinoy music booth of Musik Garten Manila. 
Look at my little drummer tot! See the smile on my baby’s face? 
It’s priceless. 

Now that I am a mom, I appreciate and enjoy events like this as I can bring my family with me. This is also a trip down memory lane [Hmm.. Is my age being questioned here? Hehe!]. Skycable’s Playback Rewind is definitely a weekend filled with family fun! Thank you, Sky!

Brought to us by:
Fibisco, National Book Store, Fun Ranch and Clusivol

Special thanks to:
Big Red Barn, BamBike, Ant’s Pocket, Fax Parcel Print, Figaro, Beauty and Butter, Party Time, Mary Kay, New Zealand Natural, The Asian Parent, Sterling, Pose & Print, Waffle Time, Musik Garten Manila, Tinkertots, Learning Library, GlobalTronics, JoomaJam and Twisted. 


  1. Cute! She seemed to enjoy music so much. :) I love attending events where I can take my kids too. My first (and only, so far) event with my daughter was last Summer's Disney Junior meet & greet which was also fun!

    1. yes, she did :) Thanks for dropping by sis.

  2. I wish I was able to attend this event. Gusto ko yung events na pwedeng isama ang family e. :)

  3. Shucks! I missed this event! So many fun activities for the kids! They have games that kids of our generation used to play, like tumbampreso, piko and many more (waaaay back before ipads/tablets). Looks really fun!


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