Friday, July 31, 2015

PreSchool At The Fort

One of the exciting yet tedious parts of being a parent is to choose which preschool your baby will enroll to. Me, I have this habit of attending trial classes to make sure (and compare) that all of the things on my list [yes, I do have a list. Hehe] are met and to also learn a thing or two in teaching my own kid while I informally homeschooling her. 

Last Saturday, my Baby Miel and I attended a trial class in the Fort. This invite [Thank you, Mommy May of] actually excites me because according to their website, teachers are well-educated and have impressive credentials. I, personally, think that kids will be in good hands.

PreSchool at The Fort
PreSchool @ The Fort is on the 3rd floor of the Treston Internation College [32nd Street, right across Market Market!, behind Every Nation building].
The room has two doors, front and back. We were advised to enter the back door and leave our things at the corner. There are also baskets for the shoes of your little tots [as they need to remove it before stepping on the mat].

There are a couple of chairs and tables placed at one part of the room...
...and the other part is where the play area is located.

Miel and I arrived 30 minutes early, enough time to let my kid get used to the new surroundings. My baby has the tendency to shy away with people whom she is not familiar with. She does not have enough exposure to people and kids because of my family’s housing set-up. That’s why I grab every chance I have to attend events where I can bring my daughter and let her mingle with other kids. Hehe!

The trial class started at 10am. Teacher Charis gathered the kids, together with the parents/guardians and sang a couple of nursery rhymes accompanied by a piano. She and other teachers tackled soft and loud sound. It was followed by some physical activities such as skipping fast and slow [circle time], led by Teacher Cecille.
After that, there’d been a few minutes of water break and followed by storytelling. Though I am supposed to leave my child as I need to transfer to the other room for parent’s orientation, I joined the storytelling session with Teacher Lei instead [because my child does not want me to leave].
Teachers let the kids play after that. Since my child is kind of shy and fascinated with shapes, she is quite happy alone on the table, playing with, well, shapes :)

All in all, it was a good experience. The line-up was simple, nice approach to the young minds involved. The teachers were friendly. Though I was expecting a different kind of approach [but hey, it was just an hour and a half trial class. I understand. I used to teach preschoolers too and time given for a trial class is not enough to showcase what is really in store for the kids the whole school year] or could be SG’s educational system is not as different as ours [for preschool, that is].

After the trial class, we went down but had a hard time getting a cab. According to the receptionist at the front desk, they don’t have a way of contacting any taxi and it’s a Saturday [she said it in a nice way]. To make it more challenging, my phone’s internet connection is acting up [can’t book a cab]. It took us almost 40 minutes before we were able to get a cab that drove us to our next destination [we walked towards Market Market past noon]. Whew, not to mention that we came all the way from the province and hadn’t eaten lunch yet. Huhu! Good thing, the lobby of Treston has comfortable couches, I let my baby lie down on one of those while drinking milk before walking towards Market Market to find a cab [I saw one food establishment at the ground floor but Miel was not in the mood for cookies so we opted to wait for a cab and eat once we get off to our next event at Rockwell Tent].

Meet the PreSchool@TheFort Team: 

Teacher Cecille Gabriel 
Teacher Edgar Cartera
Teacher Lei Lejano 

Numbers: +63-917-528-3933 / +63-02-510-8603 
Address: 3rd Flr Treston International College, University Parkway District, 32nd Street corner C5 Road, BGC 1632 Taguig Philippines

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