Monday, July 13, 2015

MUNCH MONDAY: Champas Mexican Grill, SM City Clark

One of the things I like about Pampanga is their food. Though I haven’t really gone through all of the food establishments that offer authentic Kapampangan dishes (but I am planning this in the near future), visiting nearby karinderia and malls are worth the time already. And when Hubby celebrated his birthday last May, we did not go far as we had brunch - Mexican style. Where? Keep reading, dear...

Champas Mexican Grill is located at the ground floor of SM City Clark (behind Uniqlo) in Pampanga. This is the first time that we dined in this restaurant. Upon entering the place, you will notice the Mexican-inspired interior, hence the reason why it’s called a Mexican grill. Lol. 

When we checked the menu (which I will be sharing screenshots at the end of this post), prices are reasonable. Hubby and I (and Little Miel) are excited as we love to eat Mexican-ish. (Well, we love spicy food, in general. Hehe!).

On the table: 
Mango Shake and Lemonade

Place: The time that we dined in, the place was clean. That, for me, is very important, aside from the food, of course. The restaurant is not that big but since it is located inside the mall, they placed extra tables and chairs outside the establishment (both sides of the entrance of the resto). 
Food: It was delish. My family’s taste buds are easy to please. Lol! 
Price: Reasonable. For me, generous serving = worth the money. 

All in all, it was a good experience.

And as promised, here are the screenshots of their entire menu when we visited. Note: This is subject to change without prior notice and I am not in any way related to the restaurant and was not compensated for this post. 

Champas Mexican Grill Menu: 

Champas Mexican Grill 
G/F SM City Clark, Pampanga
Phone: 0998-530-9128
FB Page:


  1. Something new to try when we visit Pampanga. My husband is Kapampangan and when it comes to food it's always top notch.

    1. I agree, food is always top notch in Pampanga. my whole family is having a hard time getting thin with all the excellent food available everywhere. Hihi!

  2. Wow the food items on the menu are very reasonably priced!

  3. I am not much into spicy dishes, but my husband will go gaga with this food post.
    He loves everything spicy (sometimes I think he is really Bicolano). Servings look hefty considering the affordable pricing.

    1. Hehe! He should try it when he's in SM Clark.

  4. I love Kapampangan's dishes. Ang sarap mag foodtrip sa Pampanga.

    1. I agree. Foodtrip in Pampanga is definitely a must-try!

  5. Ooh, I'm craving for quesadillas now! :)

  6. I love mexican food! We should try Champas Mexican Grill when we visit Clark next time.

  7. This is a good place to try when in Pampanga :)

  8. I love tex-mex food. I will try it out when in Pampanga

  9. The food? Super sarap! Our new fave spot eat!

  10. yay! Thanks for dropping by my site, guys :)


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