Saturday, May 23, 2015

GROUP GETAWAY: Azalea Residences, Baguio City

As I mentioned in my previous postme, together with 23 other bloggers, were invited for a fun-filled weekend in Baguio City. One of the things that I looked forward to on that group getaway was the stay in Azalea Residences. 

Azalea Residences Baguio City is a holiday haven at the heart of the City of Pines, which exudes comfort and exclusivity. Come and take a peek! 

Explore its six-storey contemporary log cabin-inspired hotel. The design upholds fun, relaxing and homey ambiance. 
When I was escorted to my room (which I will be sharing with other 4 ladies), we passed by this lovely elevator lobby and what I liked about it is that I look thin on those mirrored walls. Haha! I want to bring them home :) 
The room's located at the second level and before you reach it, you will be greeted first by this lovely hallway. 

Assigned to us 5 female bloggers, was a 2-bedroom apartment suite (13.2k based on published rate - maximum occupants: 4 adults + 2 kids / 6 adults)
This is the sofa (refer to photo above) in the living room which was converted into a bed (good for 2)

Each room inside the suite is equipped with flat screen TV with cable, cabinet, side lamps and tables. 
This is the bed in the master's bedroom. 
Master's bedroom on a different angle. 
There's also a veranda behind the curtain but view's being blocked by the nearby establishment (we are on the 2nd floor). 
This is the bed inside the second room. 

The kitchen area has all that you need - induction with exhaust, ref, microwave oven, sink, water heater, complimentary bottled water & coffee plus pots, pans, plates and utensils (placed inside the cabinet). 
The suite has 2 comfort rooms, one located inside the master's bedroom and the other's just beside the second room. 
There's also a dining table with 4 chairs. And it made more beautiful because of these gorgeous flowers and fresh fruits (placed in a cute basket) - which were welcome gifts to guests (to us!). Thank you for your thoughtfulness, Azalea. It was indeed a superb 3d2n stay! 
Azalea Residences Baguio 
Leonard Wood Loop, Brgy. M. Roxas 
Baguio City
Manila Reservations: (632) 579-4890
(632) 579-4894 / (63917) 861-1641
Baguio Reservations: (074) 424-8716
(074) 424-8166 (074) 424-8711

NOTE: In the coming days, I will also share places to eat and to go to when in Baguio City. Make sure to visit Honey's Haven! 

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  1. The place looks great; very homey and has the right facilities. What is the surrounding area like though? Is it safe enough for kids to play around?

    1. Yes, I believe so :) they have a small playground near the resto.

  2. Very classy, clean and everthing nice! This place is wonderful to stay besides the excellent amenities. Looks comfortable for family bonding.

  3. It's so nice, I read a lot of reviews about Azalea Residences hoping in our next stay in Baguio we can stay here. We usually stay in Green Valley Country Club

  4. Nice place. Will definitely consider staying there.

  5. it looks nice and cozy. It's a place I'd definitely consider staying when I'm in Baguio.

  6. You are lucky to be invited along with fellow bloggers. Azalea Residences Baguio is something to look forward to when staying in the summer capital of the country.

  7. I like the place. It is so classy and homey not to mention cozy. Will definitely try to stay in this place whenever we will be visiting Baguio.

  8. I'm glad for reviews like this that give sneak peaks so that I don't go in blindfolded, so to speak

  9. Ang gandaaa! Mukha ngang nag enjoy kayo sa Baguio sis!

  10. And now I'm super sad na hindi ako nakasama. Huhu... T_T

  11. The place looks really cozy and clean! It's one of the first things we look into before booking. Is it really quiet there? Because it seems like it through the photos. Will be considering this accommodation on our trip to Baguio. :)

  12. I already stayed at this hotel more than twice already but I havent tried staying more than one night to completely review it:) I might stay there again soon


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