Saturday, February 21, 2015

Embracing Change: New Life Ahead.

Change. Some say it's inevitable. Me, a very emotional me, gets too attached to people (or things) too much too soon. Now when the time comes that I have to let go of someone or something, it takes a lot of effort before I can say I've moved on...

Sometimes, when you're in the transition stage (from being hurt to moving on), you get lost and you need a couple of people (and posts) to remind you of why there is a need to let go and why you need to move forward. Take for instance, this previous post of mine here,  about the reason why I'd like to attend the Professional Blogging Summit last year. This is when I asked myself: Why do I blog? The answer I posted was I blog because of my passion to write about food, travel and to share my experiences as a mommy/wife to others. Furthermore, I want to take my blog to the next level. Then it all comes to this, why in the world did I stopped posting blogs here 3 months after that? Answer?

Change. Our family lost someone, lost something and moved somewhere. 

Within those 3 months that I am "out", I had a couple of friends, family and online support groups that came to the rescue. Thank you is never enough. And then this post from Mommy Ginger about blogging and branding appeared in my news feed. There's this thing that she discussed about identifying what legacy I want to leave behind that hits me spot on. I know that for every blogger, there's a reason for blogging. For me, I know that already but what's lacking is my drive to achieve it. After reading her blog, I became inspired again, hence the reason why I created this post :) Thank you again!

In the coming days, I will be posting blogs about Cooking for 3, wherein I will be introducing recipes I created and/or modified to fit my family's taste, recent trips (local & international), food discoveries and probably attend an event or two (as long as I am still invited. hehe). I get so high just by thinking of all of these.

This is why Honey's Haven is created... To inspire, reach out and connect with other mommies/parents, foodies and travel enthusiasts like myself :)

Hop on and enjoy the ride!

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