Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Kool Kids Ice Cream & Co

11.08.2014 Last Saturday, mommy bloggers from MBP, including Ms Lani, visited the 5-month old ice cream store in Megamall, named Kool Kids.
Kool Kids Ice Cream & Co is owned & operated by Mr. Miguel Arranaz. According to him, what sets his store apart from others is that he uses liquid nitrogen to make ice cream. 
Liquid Nitrogen helps freeze the ice cream faster, compared to the conventional way  (placing it inside the freezer, wherein there's a possibility that it'll develop ice crystals due to slow process of freezing). 

It was my first time to see an actual ice cream mixture being turned into mouthwatering ice cream in seconds using liquid nitrogen. I was amazed. 
At that time, there are 3 favorite flavors available (because they change flavors) namely: 
Nuts for Nutella - nutella infused 
Mad Vanilla madagascar vanilla 
Karamel Kool - salted caramel 

I, personally, loved the mad vanilla flavor. It's not too sweet for me, unlike the other flavors. 
Kool Kids also offers frodough, ice cream inside warm and fresh dough. 
They also have dark crookies, milk choco + cookies + nuts. 
Aside from food, there's also small magnetic wall with letters, where kids can play. 

If you are in SM Megamall, visit them at: 
5th Flr SM Mega Fashion Hall 
Mandaluyong City 

Or follow them at: 
Fb/twitter/IG: @koolkidsph

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