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Blogapalooza 2014

10.11.2014 The grand Blogapalooza 2014 was held in SM Aura, Taguig. I am a first time attendee and for those who were unable to make it, let me take you on a quick tour. 

At the registration area, there's someone who looked for my name in the computer and the other person wrote my name on the blogger ID. 
Tada! Here's the welcome kit :D It composed of tote bag with blogapalooza logo on it, a blogger's ID and manila bulletin newspaper. 

After registration, my friend took a photo of me, (giant tarp as background) as a souvenir. 

Upon entering the place, we (blogger friend Dianne and I), were surprised at how big the venue was. And since there were a lot of participants (businesses) inside, let me share with you some of the booths I liked and/or enjoyed :) 

1. Chooks-To-Go: 
When we passed by their booth, we were greeted by a man with big smile on his face and politely asked if we want to try their kwelavan
Out of curiosity, we tried it, had fun and made a fool of ourselves. Brought home a really big and super red umbrella as a token. 

Delivery service available within Metro Manila. Just dial 687-1010 or order online at 

2. Chef's Noodle Korean Restaurant: 
Each blogger were treated with 2 (pcs) rice rolls and 1 juice drink. 
I liked the taste of the kimchi rice roll. If you're interested, they currently have branches in: 
SM North - 376 5367
Atlanta Centre - 576 5054
Rob Magnolia - 656 7033 
Rob Malolos - 0917 5486187 

3. Chips Ahoy!: 
Chips Ahoy now has 2 new flavors, mint chocolate chip and root beer float. I was kind of hesitant to try the root beer float as it sounded 'weird' when it's a flavor of a cookie but it tasted good, surprisingly :D hehe! But I've always been a fan of mint chocolate so I still go with mint chocolate chip :)
If you don't have any plans this coming weekend (10.18.2014), visit them at the SM MOA, Main Atrium and be ready to fill your eyes with exciting shows, games & a chance to win prizes & giveaways. 

All you need to do is purchase a pack upon entry at the launch and you will get 3 passes :) 

4. House of Lasagna: 
I haven't eaten in the house of lasagna so I cannot say nor recommend any food that they offer. 
However, I still want to thank them for handing out this voucher. Like me, if you want to try their food, they deliver: 
San Juan (main branch) 570-8610
Greenhills Shopping Center 570-8610
Eton Centris 709-7004 
SM Megamall 655-0968


1. Flawless: 
In the Flawless booth, my friend and I were asked to pop a pink balloon to win a prize. 
Look how cute and girly this pop-a-zit board is :) I was given 3 darts and fortunately, I was able to pop one balloon. 
Here's what they gave me - flawless stem cell day & night serums. Haven't used it so I don't know if it's effective or not. But what I can tell you is that they are, for me, was the generous of them all, when it comes to loot bag giving :) 

Visit them online: 
fb - Flawless Face and Body Clinic 

2. Bioessence: 
The two girls manning the booth gave out lip balm and voucher (with a choice of facial or massage) that can be used at any branch. 
For 20 years (and counting), this beauty clinic prides itself with its facial services, highly trained therapists and customer care. 

They even came up with its own vanity number: 0918-8-BEAUTY 
Call if you want to book an appointment, inquire for the latest beauty products or simply ask for assistance. 

3. Sample Room: 
This is a sampling site that believes in the power of free product sampling. It gives you the option to try the product first before buying. 
Here's how it works: 
* Register @ 
* Get free points upon registration. 
* Choose your sample. 
* Check out (need to shoulder the shipping fee) 
* Receive your sample 
* Post a review at 
* Get points by reviewing. 


1. Globe: 
One of the leading brands in the Phils, now introduces G-Cash Mastercard. 
I was asked by the Globe rep to share the photo on fb and tag 5 of my friends. After that, I was given an opportunity to play. 
Look what I got :) Minion for my daughter. 

If you want to avail/inquire about gcash mastercard, call 2882. 

2. Sky Cable: 
The girls manning the sky booth were very friendly and even offered to take a photo of me and my friend at the sky zone

I have not subscribed to any sky cable or sky broadband. But we (hubby and I) are considering this brand as we heard good feedback. Will probably post if we're already subscribers :) 

3. Instax Ph/Henry's
I wanted to have an instax camera but can't decide what color to buy. Hehe! 
There's a lot to choose from. Good thing, 
there's an ongoing sale. To know more about it, visit:
fb - Fujifilm Instax Philippines 
twitter&instagram - @TeamInstaxPH

Henry's Professional
fb - henrysprofessional
twitter - henryscameraMNL 
instagram - henrysprofessional


1. Ace Water Spa: 
It is known for it's relaxing and rejuvenating hydrotherapy massages. Perfect for everyone as they have kid's area for kids, of course, hot herbal pool, lazy river, head & shoulder massage, rainfall acupuncture, steam & sauna. 
Rates: (maximum of 4 hrs use of all facilities) 
Adult - 550php
Kid - 250php (4ft below) 
Senior Citizen - 392.87 (id required) 

Operating hours: 
Sun-Thurs 6am to 10pm
Fri & Sat 6am to 10:30pm

*rates and hours of operation are based on the flyers given at the time of the event
Take a peek at my loot bag :) it consists of flyers, discount coupons, privilege card and a mug (as a prize).  

There's a lot of brands that participated in this year's blogapalooza. (will create a different article on some brands that I did not include on this post) I have not visited them all (left past lunch time) but nevertheless, I had a great time. 

Congratulations to Sir Vince of When in Manila & Sir Anton of Our Awesome Planet for this super cool event. 
Will I go back next year? Definitely! (provided that I get invited again.hihi!) 

'Til next time. Ciao! :D 


  1. I really missed this, something came up so wasn't able to attend. :(

    1. Too bad.. You could've enjoyed it too :( but who knows, maybe nxt year, maka-join k n :)

  2. Sad to say, I wasn't able to join with you guys.. Nanalo kc ako ng free entrance tickets c/o nuffnang sa may rockwell eh kaya dun kami nagpunta ni hubby, and I thought bawal ang babies kaya di na kami tumuloy. Pero base sa post mo super saya ng event! Promise next year pupunta na talaga ako! :)

    1. Promise? :) would've been nice if na-meet kta sa event.

    2. Kaya nga eh, sa halloween party ng mommy blogger naman db punta ka?

    3. Hnd po :( as much as i want to, hnd po kmi ngcecelebrate ng halloween and I have a summit to attend to (same day).

  3. Sayang naman, I didn't see you there!

  4. I'm jealous. :( Sana sa mga susunod na event na ganyan makapunta rin ako. :(

  5. I'm so jealous! Ang daming sponsors and it looks like a really fun event. I have an Instax camera (given by Jollibee) and though I really use it, it's really a cool gadget to have.

    1. It was :) me and a friend only stayed there for couple of hours but we had a blast.

  6. Oh you were there! Not sure if I was able to bump into you but then again hope to do so next year . :)

  7. Looks fun. Sayang lang and it was in conflict with another event I need to attend to.

  8. Wow! You've posted already! As of me, I don't know yet how to start! The event was just too overwhelming! Lol!
    Anyway, I just noticed that our kit no longer have the MB newspaper. Guess that's due to my being late (came past 12 already!) hehe...
    And yes, if like to come again next time! :)

  9. I had a good time at Blogapalooza too although I wasn't able to go around much this year compared to last year. It sucks I missed the Chips Ahoy booth! I'm glad you had a good time too. :)

    1. Aww.. U still can. Punta k po sa launch - Moa this weekend :)

  10. masyado ata ako nag-enjoy sa kakaikot sa booths that i was not really able to take lots of photos... i'll be better prepared next time and magsasama nako ng +1 ko :D

    1. IKR! Hehe! Nkka-excite nmn tlg. Konti lng tlg photos ko. Yan n un halos :)

  11. I promise to attend next years Blogapalooza! Lovelovelove Chips ahoy's Ice Cream Creations.

  12. I was there! Sayang I wasn't able to meet other mummy blogger from MBP kasi I'm with my bestfriend and we we're having the time of our lives joining the game. Hahahaha! And we went home early.


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