Saturday, June 21, 2014

Mom needs a Break once in awhile :)

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"Being a mom is not an easy task". I never knew what they meant about this until I became one. In my daughter's first year, I'm juggling work, household chores, being a wife and a mom. I tell you, it's as complicated as it sounds. 

It gets more complicated when her yaya needed to go back to the province, Hubby and I have an unanimous decision to tender my resignation (from work) to take care of our daughter. It's the best decision we've come up with because I'm able to tend to her every need and seeing how she grows everyday is priceless. 

We take her everywhere we go, even out-of-towns with friends and families. On one occasion, we went to Tagaytay. When my daughter saw me arranging shirts and milk bottles in her pink duffle bag, she put a big smile on her face, knowing that she will be going somewhere :)

We've been to Tagaytay numerous times but this one, we checked in an exclusive (and remote) area. We literally drove up and down a paved (mountain) road just to get to the Grand Quartier II. 
After we settled down in our room, we then did some siesta and woke up before dinner time. While I'm preparing dinner, my daughter approached me and told me "toto" (which means pupu in her vocabulary). After the toilet session, I checked her things. To my dismay, I forget to bring diapers! She only started her potty training a month before so it is still a must especially in the night time. Hubby stormed out of the room and looked for a place to buy one. Remember, we are in a very secluded place so he needed to drive up and down again before getting to the main road then back. Good thing there's convenience store in the town proper. But this could have been avoided if only I double check everything before going out. 

I'm getting the hang of it, having a kid and all, but I wish to never forget any detail especially when travelling with my daughter to avoid the incident to ever happen again. 

Life's been a bit crazy after she came but I can't imagine my life without her. Although, sometimes I wish I could have few hours for myself, like that of a "me-time". Everyone deserves a break, even moms like me :) What better way to do this is to watch a movie while munching on my favorite kitkat. "Have a break, have a kitkat!" indeed. 


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