Saturday, June 21, 2014

Back on Blogging!

Honey's Haven

Last quarter of 2010 is when I started this blog. Few months after, I received a couple of invites to events from very kind PR managers. From there, I was able to meet new friends, some even have names of their own in their respective fields now. I am fortunate and glad to have met them during their humble beginnings :) Then after a couple of months more, something wonderful happened. I got pregnant! On my first trimester, I experienced bleeding so I have to rest. A lot happened in the past 2 years I've been absent in blogging - survived pregnancy, delivered a very healthy baby, celebrated her 1st & her 2nd (recently) birthday, became a full-time mom and loving it 'til now :) 

Yay! After more than 2 years, yes baby, I'm Back! 

What to expect? 
* More foodie adventures 
* Travels - in and out of the country 
* Birthday party ideas for Girls 
* DIY projects 

God Bless Everyone :)

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