Monday, June 23, 2014

FAMILY STAYCATION: Acacia Hotel Alabang

Few months after our baby was born, I've been itching to go out of the house. It's not that I don't want to stay at home or want to leave my child. There came a point that you need a breather from all those sleepless nights (and the fact that you carry your baby inside your womb for 9 months plus the pain of giving birth...err.. pain AFTER giving birth, since it's CS. hehe!) and sudden-but-wonderful changes, having a kid brings to your married life. I wanted to go out-of-town, sleep in a very soft bed, relax a bit but still able to bring her with us (hubby and me). The answer to this is to check in a hotel. But not just any other hotel, it should be the one that is "baby-friendly". My definition of such is super clean.

I read all tripadvisor's recommended hotels and due to positive feedback, Hubby and I went on booking a room in Acacia Hotel in Alabang. This hotel is said to be 5-star by rating and offers world-class service. We were not disappointed :) 
Upon entering the room, this big bed welcomed us. It's like its inviting us in for a sleep (agad agad). You ask if it's comfy? super! 
It has LCD, drawer, study table and equally comfy chair with side table. I like the simplicity and cleanliness of the room. 
And as for the bathroom, yay! there's the shower on the right corner while... 
...the bathtub's on the left. 
Here's the view from our room :) 
The following morning, we went to one of the hotel's resto and had some breakfast, buffet style :) 

It was indeed a very refreshing stay! 

Acacia Hotel 
5400 East Dr cor Commerce Ave 
Filinvest Corp City Alabang Muntinlupa City1781
02-720-2000 / 02-588-5888


Saturday, June 21, 2014

Mom needs a Break once in awhile :)

Photo credit: Google free clip art

"Being a mom is not an easy task". I never knew what they meant about this until I became one. In my daughter's first year, I'm juggling work, household chores, being a wife and a mom. I tell you, it's as complicated as it sounds. 

It gets more complicated when her yaya needed to go back to the province, Hubby and I have an unanimous decision to tender my resignation (from work) to take care of our daughter. It's the best decision we've come up with because I'm able to tend to her every need and seeing how she grows everyday is priceless. 

We take her everywhere we go, even out-of-towns with friends and families. On one occasion, we went to Tagaytay. When my daughter saw me arranging shirts and milk bottles in her pink duffle bag, she put a big smile on her face, knowing that she will be going somewhere :)

We've been to Tagaytay numerous times but this one, we checked in an exclusive (and remote) area. We literally drove up and down a paved (mountain) road just to get to the Grand Quartier II. 
After we settled down in our room, we then did some siesta and woke up before dinner time. While I'm preparing dinner, my daughter approached me and told me "toto" (which means pupu in her vocabulary). After the toilet session, I checked her things. To my dismay, I forget to bring diapers! She only started her potty training a month before so it is still a must especially in the night time. Hubby stormed out of the room and looked for a place to buy one. Remember, we are in a very secluded place so he needed to drive up and down again before getting to the main road then back. Good thing there's convenience store in the town proper. But this could have been avoided if only I double check everything before going out. 

I'm getting the hang of it, having a kid and all, but I wish to never forget any detail especially when travelling with my daughter to avoid the incident to ever happen again. 

Life's been a bit crazy after she came but I can't imagine my life without her. Although, sometimes I wish I could have few hours for myself, like that of a "me-time". Everyone deserves a break, even moms like me :) What better way to do this is to watch a movie while munching on my favorite kitkat. "Have a break, have a kitkat!" indeed. 


Back on Blogging!

Honey's Haven

Last quarter of 2010 is when I started this blog. Few months after, I received a couple of invites to events from very kind PR managers. From there, I was able to meet new friends, some even have names of their own in their respective fields now. I am fortunate and glad to have met them during their humble beginnings :) Then after a couple of months more, something wonderful happened. I got pregnant! On my first trimester, I experienced bleeding so I have to rest. A lot happened in the past 2 years I've been absent in blogging - survived pregnancy, delivered a very healthy baby, celebrated her 1st & her 2nd (recently) birthday, became a full-time mom and loving it 'til now :) 

Yay! After more than 2 years, yes baby, I'm Back! 

What to expect? 
* More foodie adventures 
* Travels - in and out of the country 
* Birthday party ideas for Girls 
* DIY projects 

God Bless Everyone :)

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