Friday, September 9, 2011

Surprise!! =p

I don't usually join online contests but when Jezzi posted the "Perfect White Shirt" promo, I gave in. I was a bit sad when something inevitable happened with the blog and I hope that it'll be up soon...

When she posted the 3 winners, I was one of them.. Yipee! :) 

Yesterday, after all the drama that happened between our lobby guards and the courier, finally, it was delivered to me :) 
^ - ^
Ta -Da
Cutie print at the back

Jez of I-ThinkThanks... I thank you :) 


  1. awww... glad you like it! :) nakarating din sayo yung package.. ang kulit ng story dun sa guard house ha.. hehe.. :)

  2. hehe! i used it na nga sa Palawan eh.. :)

    you have a new url? :) nice!


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