Thursday, September 22, 2011

Puerto Princesa Part 4 of 6: Underground River Tour

On our second day in Puerto Princesa, we visited our very own UNESCO World Heritage Site, the "St. Paul Subterranean River National Park" aka "Puerto Princesa Underground River".  

After breakfast, we were fetched by Kuya Ramon at around 730am. We're about to start a 2hr drive to Sabang. Of course, we didn't actually drove for 2 straight hours. We had a few stops. First stop was in Viet Ville then to Buenavista Viewing Deck. 
On the second stop is where we had our pictures taken and we also took some souvenir photos and items (bought) with us. 
 Great view :) 

Then while on the road, we stopped again and this time in this magnificent rock formation just like in the movie Avatar. Our pictures didn't give justice to the beauty of the place... :( too bad.. The place, by the way, is called "tagabinet". 
At last, we reached the port. We waited for about 15 minutes before we were led to our respective boats that would bring us to Sabang. 
Ta-da! here's our boat :) 
Boat ride (approximately 15-20 minutes) 
almost there... :) 
short trek going to the registration area
Finally... :) 
We had poor quality photos inside because it's too dark. They only have one flashlight for the entire boat and the privileged one was the one sitting at the very front :) 

That's okay, we still have the memories and the experience, right? :) 
After exploring the underground river, we're now bound to Taraw Restaurant to eat lunch :)
And here's what my plate looked like
After lunch, we were given enough time to explore the island and swim at our own risk :) 

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