Saturday, September 17, 2011

Puerto Princesa Part 3 of 6: Iwahig Firefly Watching

Iwahig Firefly Watching is the newest attraction in Puerto Princesa. It started only last Oct 2008 and now named as one of the Top Eco Tourism Spot (Gold). This project's being funded by the city government, ABS-CBN foundation Inc and Department of Tourism. 

Our tour came with a dinner for 2. Choices were: Ka Lui, Leslie's and Asturias. Since it was a Sunday night, Ka Lui's closed and their Leslie's is the same Leslie's that can be found both in Tanza & Tagaytay. Ending? Buffet dinner in Percados, Asturias Hotel's restaurant. Nice :) 
Upon entering the place, we were awed because it bursts with elegance. With it's grand staircase to it's inviting pool at the back. Too bad, we're only there to eat :( 
 Us, about to have our dinner.. so hungry! :) 
 Wide array of food.. yum!

After the sumptuous meal, we went back to the van and drove for about 15-30mins. We're now bound to Iwahig River to do some firefly watching. I was hesitant at first in including this tour in our itinerary because it didn't intrigue me that much. Good thing I didn't pass on the chance to experience this because it's one of the highlights of our trip! A very big surprise indeed! 
Before we boarded the paddle boat (yep! they don't use motor boats to preserve the river, free from any pollutants), we were given life vest and a cute Vietnamese hat :)
It was a 45 minute ride in the river.. The boat men are volunteers and very knowledgeable. They even joke once in a while :) I learned a lot about fireflies, that they are good indicators of how healthy the place is, that fireflies are winged beatles and light come from their lower abdomen. Male glows more and bigger than female fireflies. 

They not only discuss fireflies but different species of mangroves, plankton and even did stargazing.. It was amazing when I saw formation of stars in the sky like the scorpion and pathway of milky way.. Wow! 

It took my breath away.. 
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