Saturday, September 17, 2011

Puerto Princesa Part 2 of 6: City Tour

One of the Tours we availed was PP City Tour. At 1pm, our tour guide texted me, together with a couple of other guests (around 7 persons) we explored the city of Puerto Princesa. 
Our first destination was the baywalk but we didn't actually get out of the van. Then we proceeded in visiting one of the churches in the city. We just stayed inside the van for personal reason :) 
Tiangge Tiangge is a pasalubong & food haven for tourists. They have kasoy, banana chips, t-shirts, fresh water pearls, hats, just to name a few. Tip: if you're already at the counter, make sure to ask for the last price of the items you're about to buy. What happened to us is that they listed down all the items with their corresponding amount less 5-10%. Not bad! :) 
Crocodile Farm was the second place that we've visited. This is a home of numerous crocodiles, obviously =p. It was quite educational because we were given a chance to know how crocodiles grow. I'm still nervous whenever I see one because it might swallow me whole.. scary.. :) 
I lost my notes somewhere and tried to remember the name of this crocodile (above photo). However, this is where the tour started then from the hatchery to the den we went. 
Baker's Hill was the next stop. It's supposed to be Iwahig Penal Farm but according to our tour guide Fidz, there's still an ongoing issue with the place. The shop where they used to bring tourists to buy items made by the Iwahig detainees was burned. So they no longer have a reason to visit the place. 
Baker's Hill is the home of the best hopia in PP. Their hopia choices: monggo, baboy and ube. My personal favorite? Ube Hopia :) This place is also good for photo op because the Hernandez's (owner) convert the place into a mini park. 
Mitra's Farm reminded me of Tagaytay in Cavite. Owned by one of the powerful politicians in the country, the Mitra's. Nothing much to do here but photo op because there's a great view  of the rest of Puerto Princesa City and you get the chance to see horses :) 
Binuatan Creations was the last stop for the city tour. Puerto Princesa, known for woven products, transforms local fibers such as mangrove grass into world class products. According to our tour guide, they now export these woven items like placemats to a world renowned brand such as Calvin Klein and local store Kultura of SM. 
My attempt to weave :) Looks easy but it's not..

Puerto Princesa City is very promising. There are places worth visiting and talents worth bragging. To my fellow Filipinos in PP, I salute you! Mabuhay ang Pinoy! 
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