Monday, August 1, 2011

Weekend Date: Captain America and Authentic Chinese Style Massage in Big Bucket MOA

It's been a while since I posted something in this blog. Due to hectic schedule in church last July, the fact that I still have to work :), the extra curricular activities, transferring from one unit to another and fulfilling my duties as a wife, for me, is a bit overwhelming. 

So to relieve the stress hubby and I both been receiving for the past weeks, we went out on a date and chillax!! :) 

If you've been visiting this site, I bet you know the first mall that comes in my mind for unwinding... Mall of Asia :) 

We arrived in MOA before it even opens so while waiting, we simply enjoy the cool breeze in San Miguel by the bay...walk :) 
We've been here countless times during evening and this is the first time that we actually visited this part of the mall in the morning. I noticed people from all walks of life come here to exercise, do their early run or simply have a quiet time with a loved one while sitting on the break water :) 
When we had enough sunshine and the mall opened already, we went straight to the Cinema ticket counter, only to find out that the first 3D screening of the movie we want to watch will start at 11:20am. Toink! 
We bought the tickets anyway, then sat and chit chat to kill time in Auntie Anne's for about an hour. 

When the time came, we had some take out and entered Cinema 2 to watch Captain America. I was surprised when the movie started because there'd been only 2 couples inside, including us :) we were seated close to the movie screen ['coz I'm nearsighted] and the another couple's at the balcony seats. T'was like renting the movie theater :) cool! 
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Quick Captain America Review: Hubby's a comic hero enthusiast and when he said that the movie should be good, I trust him. After seeing the movie, he mentioned that it's not 3D worthy but the story is a good start to really understand how The Avengers [Thor, Ironman, just to name a few] started. Friendly advice: make sure to stay after the credits because there's still like an approximate 3-minute preview of the next installment of the comic book franchise The Avengers. 

After the movie, we went window shopping and practically walk for hours. Then to soothe our aching feet, we came across this foot massage and reflexology spa called Big Bucket. 

Big Bucket located at the 2nd level South Parking near SM Dept Store MOA, offers the original xiamen style foot massage and reflexology. Experience the authentic chinese style foot massage by Filipino therapists trained in the ancient art of restoring harmony and balance of one's Qi (energy flow). Enlighten yourself with the traditional wisdom of Chinese therapy and dip into the simplicity of nature... in old-style wooden bucket.  ~excerpt from the flyer and edited by me :) 

Services offered (Filipino Therapists): 

50 mins Original Foot Massage & Reflexology (in herbal foot soak)  360php
80 mins Original Foot Massage & Reflexology (with upper body Massage & herbal foot soak) 480php
50 mins Back and Shoulder Massage 360php
Ginger Miracle Treatment (placed on knee joints to relieve ache-good for arthritis) 180php
We chose 80 mins Original Foot Massage & Reflexology (with upper body Massage & herbal foot soak) 480php each but our attendants mentioned that the massage included is for the whole body... much better :) 

Then before we enter the room where all the action takes place, we were given an option to try their chinese aromatherapy in powder & gel form for only 50php each. Choices are: Tibetan Medical Footcure, Fire Dragon Ginger Cure, Gel of Ginseng, Gel of Rose, Gel of Peppermint Lotus, Gel of Fruit Essence, Gel of Precious Herbs and Milk. 

Note: This is not your typical spa because they do not offer pedicure, manicure, etc. This is hardcore massage for the body, shiatsu style and rejuvenating foot massage (which is a unique experience for me because my feet were placed in a big chinese bucket, soaked in  lukewarm water then the therapist poured in Peppermint Lotus powder which then turned into!) 

The only downside of the place is the fact that there are somehow 10 massage chairs, 5 lined up on the right side and the other 5 were placed on the left part of the room. No privacy but then again, you cannot really pay so much attention to the person next to you since they use dim light and you will be treated with a satisfying massage to release stress. 

This a good way to end the day... 



Honey Style :p

Note: The author is not in any way related nor working with the establishments mentioned in this entry. This is merely for public awareness and personal review only :p

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