Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Reunion @ A Veneto Pizzeria Ristorante

Friends. They are the people who knows you in and out but love you just the same. Someone who will stand by you no matter what but gives unsolicited advice when she feels you needed one. Us? the moment that we became friends, we knew right then and there that it's definitely for keeps :) 

So when we found out that one of our friends or "barkada" will come home from Canada, we immediately plan for a bongacious reunion. 
But first, lemme introduce the members of the group [Bashers & Beyatch Co. Ltd.] 
(from left to right) 

Dianne: The "posh spice" of the group. She likes to dress up and experiment on different kinds of make-up. But when she arrived that day, she just wore plain pants and a shirt... her excuse? she just woke up :) 
Mamu Bhing: The "life of the party" and the "bully". As per one of our barkadas, hers (bully someone but able to get away with it..hehe!) is a God-given talent.. hehe!  
Kish: The "miss congeniality" because she knows almost all of the people in the office. She always participates in any company functions and a good mother of 3. 
Mamu Renee: The "heart of the group". She never gives up on us and always have a positive outlook in life. She's also the conscience of the group when the other mamu is doing the "dirty" work. Hehe! 
Donna: Me? Hmm... The "moody & straightforward person of the group". In my defense, if I feel like I need to say something, I say it. Regardless of the outcome. I am also what you are to me. If you're kind to me, I am that to you. If you're not-so-good, I will be not-so-good to you too... simple as that.. :) but as I grow older and hopefully wiser, I tend to think twice and consider feelings of others before I say something... :) I'm a work in progress, don't you think? :) 
Kate: The "macho of the group" Need I say more? hehe! 
Pawee: The "other she-male member of the group". True blue Emo... Emotera :) 

The Pizzeria
This is the first picture taken using my camera.. 
then the arrival of the lady in red :) 

On the table: 
New York Pizza
Pizza ni Kate... (why? long story)
Seafood Parmigiana 
Red sauce spaghetti with peeled mussels, squid tentacles and fish chunks, I think..
A Veneto Sample Platter
fries, potato balls, crab sticks and chicken wings with 2 types of dip

The food were okay and good for barkada feast. The best part of that afternoon was the fact that we exchanged stories and didn't care much whether we're contributing to noise pollution because of our wild laughter especially when we recall our bloopers in PS (previous company). 

The day's still young so after we finished our food, we decided to hunt for the best dessert and our next stop: Icebergs.

A Veneto Pizzeria Ristorante, SM MOA
SM Mall of Asia, Central Business Park
Pasay City, Metro Manila
(02) 556-1947

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