Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Date Night 8.0 Angel's Pizza

On one fine afternoon, Hubby and I decided to use the Angel's Pizza VIP card (valid until 12.31.2011) that was given to me by one of my friends at work. Using this card, we're entitled to get one of these:
(1)  20% off on every pizza purchase  
(2)  free medium pizza for every family pizza purchase
(3) free family pizza for every big family pizza purchase

We ended up ordering the following: 
Original Hand Tossed Pizza - Extra Feast 
8 toppings special. A fancy feast of pepperoni, ham, onion, chorizo, beef, mushroom, cheese and green pepper

For me, I enjoyed eating the extra feast pizza because it has all the toppings I'm looking for on a pizza: pepperoni, ham, chorizo, beef, mushroom, and cheese. Then I gave Hubby the onion and green pepper because I don't eat those... :) Funny thing is that I eat onion rings but not onion on pizza, veggies and anything that involves "guisa" :)
Spicy Tuna
Spicy tuna flakes, sweet corn, onion and green pepper

It's a different story for this spicy tuna pizza. We love tuna and spicy food but we haven't tried it as a topping on a pizza. We just got curious so we gave it a try. But that was a mistake on our part. I don't know but for me, it tasted weird. That's all I can say :) 

But that didn't ruin our date.. We slouched on our sofa and did Scrubs Marathon :) 
Photo Credit: Google 

Scrubs according to wikipedia is a US series that started in 2001 and created by Bill Lawrence. We're still at Season 4 but they're currently at Season 9 [already?! whew... long way to go..hehe!] I like how the main character, Dr John "JD" Dorian do his daydreaming and his quest to finish his residency in sacred heart. Memorable episode? For me is when him, together with his best buddy Dr. Christopher Turk (surgeon) did the "eagle" dance :) 


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