Monday, July 11, 2011

Nuffnang-PLDT MyDSL Transformers 3 Dark of the Moon Special Screening Experience

I know it's way overdue but I'll blog about it anyway... :) 
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27 June 2011. After work, I have this habit of checking my so-called "daily dose" of  GroupOn Deals. [I got so hooked on these voucher hunting since last year that I need to update my list of groupon websites here. I'll keep you all posted..soon] After doing so, next stop would be my yahoomail. To my surprise, I saw an email from Ms Trixie, congratulating me because I won 2 tickets to block screening of T3 in Shangri La 2 days from today. I'm kind of newbie nuffie and this is the first time that I joined their contest, I must say that I have low hopes on being picked but I was.... so happy!! :) Wondering how I joined? Check my entry here. 
29 June 2011. The day finally came. When hubby and I arrived in Shang Cineplex, I saw a number of bloggers, newbies like me and as big as Jane Chua of between bites, Frances of frannywanny and Patty Laurel of dapattylaurel. StarStruck!! :) hehe! 

While waiting for organizers to usher us inside the cinema, we were given a chance to mingle with the Transformers: 
Me and BumbleBee
Hubby and Optimus Prime
Me and Megatron? 

Then at the other end of the patio overlooking the second floor cinema entrance, is where we found generous serving of small cupcakes and iced tea. Had our picture taken at the photobooth as a souvenir :) bought 2 large drinks and a bucket of popcorn... I say we're ready!! 

7:15PM We were led to the cinema and before the movie started, there'd been short but fun contest wherein they've given away PLDT MyDSL souvenir items... 

The experience, all in all was FANTABULOUS!! For a simple blogger like me, who tends to use simple words to express how I feel and blog about it like I'm just telling it to a friend, this event simply broaden my vision on how cool the blogging world is. I thank Team Nuffnang for giving new nuffnangers like me, a chance to meet other bloggers and for organizing a great movie screening ever!! Kudos! Looking forward to another blogging event with you... 
NuffNang... you rock!! :) 

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