Saturday, June 25, 2011

Metro Manila Flood

It's been days since Tropical Storm Egay left the Philippines' area of responsibility but another storm struck the country: Falcon. According to news reports, Falcon is the one to blame for it enhanced the southwest monsoon that brings about the continuous rain which resulted to flood in Metro Manila and other parts of the country. 

Take a peek on what's happening in our area: 
Look at the level of water in our area. Just imagine, Manong is one of the security guards of where we are residing and his height is about 5"10 but the water almost reached his waist. This was taken at around 10pm when I attempted to go out and try if I could report to work. 
Filipinos are indeed very resourceful. I saw these guys trying to pass thru this area, being carried by inflated pool, underneath is somewhat a flat Styrofoam and then placed a wooden seat on top. Nice =D

Yesterday, I still saw pedicabs who asked for 70php to 100php per ride and they will drop you off 2 blocks away... just to avoid the flood. But now, I can't seem to find one. According to one of the guards at the lobby, the water level today is higher compared to yesterday. 

Residents especially in low-lying area, make sure to take necessary action and listen to news to be updated on the condition of our country. 

Pray, Stay Safe and God Bless Us All... 

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