Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A Journey to Love: Caparas-Castro Nuptials

When: 27 May 2011 [Friday] 
Where: INC LP Locale
What: Ending the Search for Love, Starting a New Life with a Loved One
Who: Our dear Aunt Vie and Uncle Mal

The Journey:
"My Love for you is a journey... 
Starting at forever...
And ending at never"
A kiss is a lovely trick designed by nature
To stop speech when words become superfluous.
~ by Ingrid Bergman ~
In each other's arms =p
Love is In the Air:

Hubby and I were given a chance to witness Aunt Vie and Uncle Mal's wedding last May. I know this is long overdue but I can't help but smile just the mere thought of how their big day went =p
Me, Badek and Elai

I'm not going to deny that I'm inlove with the idea of love and weddings. I still shed a tear or two whenever I see two people exchange vows and promise to love only one another. 
I know, I know. I'm starting to sound "cheesy" and "boring" but hey, I'm in the mood for La-ha-hav!! =p
Back to Storytelling: After the church ceremony, we went outside to wait for Nay & Tay and I ended up standing between these 2 giants. hehe! [I'm vertically challenged person, I know. Accepted the fact loooong time ago]. 
We arrived at the reception around 4pm and sat at the table on the far right corner. This gave us a good view of the whole place but realized that we're far from the buffet table. haha! Too bad.. tsk tsk.. =p
While waiting, we were given this large board to write on. Of course, I'm the EA of my hubby and wrote simple wishes to the newly weds. 
When all of us were comfortably seated, the emcee called on the groom to present his lovely bride to the crowd. How did he do it? By singing a song =p Me, awed by the silence of the crowd and uncle's voice, didn't even blinked and felt sooo "kilig" the whole time... Kudos Uncle Mal! hehe! 

Then after that wonderful number, the emcee called on each table and you know what's next... Food =p

I guess we were so hungry that we failed to take pictures of our food. hehe! 
After the eating and laughing, it was time to part ways. Nanay, being a plant/flower-lover posed one last time with flowers (or should I say plants?) on both hands.. hehe! 
Me and Hubby
Hubby, Me, the Bride and Nanay
Just wondering, where's the groom? =p

Congratulations Aunt Vie and Uncle Mal!! 

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