Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Wow Phils Series: Davao Part 5: First RT Flight with ZestAir

When we travel, we always book our flight with Cebu Pacific. This time, I gave ZestAir a chance... =p 
Zest Air A320
 View from the top... amazing! 
 Welcome to Davao!! 
 The giant Durian outside the airport. 
The Funny Story on our way Back to Manila: 

We arrived at the airport 2 hours before our departure time. Checked in and entered the airplane on time. However, the cabin crew said that we cannot take off yet because there's one passenger missing. They kept on counting people inside the plane and did the roll call. Then after more than an hour, the mystery man revealed. It turned out that the person on 10F checked in but didn't board the plane. The person with him who actually sits there the whole time, didn't even bother to explain that her companion did just that, which could have freed us all from all the hassle and delay... 

The NOT so Funny Story: 

The flight to and from Davao would take approximately one and a half hour. On our way back,  out of that time on air, we experienced almost half an hour air turbulence. I hate it! But that's nature's call (literally...hehe!). 
'Til our next trip! 
~from backpackers to another =p


  1. wow, i wish i can go to davao too. i missed this year convention there. hopefully someday.

    thanks for joining

  2. you're welcome and thank you for visiting my site...

    i like your site's purpose... i'm pro-mother earth :)


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