Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Wow Phils Series: Davao Part 2: White WILD Water Rafting

I'm not an adventurous person. Period. But I did find myself paddling for my life in the Davao River with Hubby... 

Here's Our Story: 

On our itinerary, we will be heading to crocodile park, butterfly house and zip city on Day 1 but when we're about to depart the hotel, the lobby receptionist told us that we will go rafting instead. Due to time constraint, we opted not to waste time and go with our outfits... especially me, I still have my sneakers on =p 
Here's the map of the river...

8:30AM Assembly at the Crocodile Park. Before we go on an actual rafting, the one whom they call "Jacob" [because he looked like Jacob of Twilight... hmm... lemme think!] gave us our own life vest and helmet. They meticulously check the fit of each protective gear because it would really help us survive the rapids... [ggrrrrrr!!! scaredy-cat inside me roared... not on amusement but on fear!] 
Then there's briefing and video presentation on what to expect when rafting in the river. I want to back out but this trip has been paid off way in advance and I've been thinking what a waste of money this would have been if I backed out. 
9:30AM Departure The time came when we should hit the road going to the put in area. But first, let's loosen up! 
10:30AM Arrival at the Put in area, Tamugan The good thing about traveling is that you can meet lots of people =p
11:00 AM Start of Rafting Before getting wet and wild, photo op! =p here's our group mates: (from the left) Joey, Ate Lety, Ate Sonia and our guide Derek (back of Ate Sonia).  We only met that day but that river bond us and gave us the ride of a lifetime... you'll find out why... later =p
Me and Hubby
while on the calm part of the river, each one of us needs to jump and do the defensive swim (which was taught at the "briefing" in the center) you need not to be a great swimmer because the current's too strong, you can only do is to go with the flow =p
...I was saved by my Hubby! Yipee! 
then it's my turn to save someone else's life
...then the ACTION begins
Honey, sit down, sit down, you're rocking the boat =p
12:00 NN Lunch We docked somewhere and was given food placed in disposable container. Gave additional bottle of water and juice in tetra pack.  
Paddle Power!! High Five!! 
The Vanishing Falls
Group Picture =p

And then the inevitable: The Drop & Suck 
They say that rafting is safe for all... from 6 year old to 65 but on our experience, I doubt it. I will not let my kids nor my grandparents take the risk. When our boat flipped upside down, my foot was caught in between the foot strings of the boat (because that is the only thing that's holding us to be on the boat) and before I had the courage to let loose... I grasped for air while unavoidably drank the river water... It's indeed life threatening and the longest 15 seconds of my life... 

It's also true that when you are on a difficult situation, your life will flash before your eyes... God, I was so scared... 

Then strong arms came to my rescue... it was my Hubby who grabbed me from behind and shouted do the defensive swim for me... c'mon. Then I obliged. Next thing I know, I was on our boat paddling towards the take out area. 
3:00 PM Arrival at Take out area, Purok 8 Lacson That kind of smile is the only thing that I can manage after that drop. I am not an adventure-seeker. I'm just here to give my Hubby a nice getaway birthday present... But I'm the one who was given one heck of a surprise. 
4:30 PM Back to the Hotel I don't know how happy I am when I saw the hotel's van outside :)

Here are the actual footages on what the rapids looked like: 
The angry rapids...

The Disaster...

Photos & Videos at the river [in action]: courtesy of Davao Wild Water Adventure Team


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