Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Wow Phils Series: Davao Part 1: Crown Regency Hotel and Fifties Cafe

I've been meaning to give my Hubby a surprise vacation but haven't fully decided where. But when I saw a promo in MetroDeal, I didn't think twice. Now, we're having the time of our lives here in Davao... Staying in the luxurious Crown Regency Hotel
The Hotel at a Glance

Maayong Buntag!! (Good Morning!) 

Located along J.P. Cabaguio Ave., Agdao Davao City and around 15-20 minutes away from the airport. This hotel prides itself with spacious rooms and amenities such as gym, pool with jacuzzi, which would surely promise an utmost comfort of your stay. 
Upon entering the vicinity, you will be greeted by this beautiful signage... [I'm a sucker for things made out of wood...hehe!] 
Us at the lobby lounge =p
swimming pool
swimming pool... on a different angle =p
Our Bedroom
[there's actually 2 beds for the 2 of us...hihi!]
Did I mention that they have WiFi? Free, of course =p

Hotel's Pride: Fifties Cafe
For every overnight booking, there's a free complimentary breakfast buffet. The selection of food were okay: bread, champorado, salad, 3 viands, veggies, pancit and orange juice. I saw a pot of hot water but not quite sure if they offer free coffee. 
Our Breakfast [first round...hehe!] 

While eating, I noticed the restaurant's design... 50's memorabilia... [Duh? Fifties Cafe?!... talking to myself again... freaky =p] 
This stairway will lead you to the second floor, where the rooms (except villas) are located. 

This is the only thing that I don't like about the structure of the place... you have to pass by the restaurant to go to your room... what if you're all soaking wet from all the swimming since the pool is just outside... you have to endure all the eyes watching while you clutch in you bag to make your way to the room... hope they could find a private passage or something... just a thought =p

Celebrating Life:

And to celebrate my Hubby's beeday this year, we didn't go very far. We ended up having a late lunch downstairs... At the Fifties Cafe! =p 
Fish and Fries 
Beef Steak for Hubby
Lechon Kawali for Me

Our lunch costs 597php, including tax and service charge... not bad. After lunch, we strolled around the place and saw that INC Locale was just 2 establishments' away from the hotel... Convenient and Nice =p 
To All Brethen: if you are staying on a weekend, the Days and Hours of Worship are as follows: Sat 6:45PM and Sun 6:45AM. 

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