Sunday, May 1, 2011

Shakey's Dine In

Last weekend was one of the the best weekends we've ever had... Why? Because hubby and I had 3 days off and stayed indoor doing almost nothing for 2 days! If we were to move, that is because we're either hungry or would like to watch movies. haha! certified "tamad"

But on the 3rd day, we went out. And we also needed to go to church... So after that we searched for a place to eat and decided to dine in Shakey's. We're pizza lovers however we're more of "take out" / "to go" / "drive thru" / "online or phone order" people. We realize that it's also good for the body to receive some sunshine :) 

We chose a family deal good for 4. Nope! We didn't ate it all. We had some of it wrapped in a foil and gave 2 servings of spaghetti and 4 slices of pizza to Lola J and hubby's cousin who's visiting :) 
 one pitcher of iced tea... 
garlic bread... 
huge serving of spaghetti 
Manager's Choice Pizza 
My second best fave pizza... I still love Shakey's Angus :) 
I still remember that we had lanterns like these in our very old house in Cavite. I haven't been to that house after Lola D died, I hope it's still maintained and cleaned meticulously by the people who's now living in it.

Well, if I were to choose, I'd prefer to have a take out and eat at home. That way, I can slouch, laugh all I want to our funny jokes (even if its sooo corny) and eat at my own pace without worrying what other people would think and when will the store close :) 

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  1. hi sis donna! thanks! i know few brethren from your locale.

    btw, followed you too!

    have a nice day, God Bless!


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