Saturday, May 7, 2011

Happy Mothers' Day

A Mother's Love
Your arms were always open when I needed a hug. Your heart understood when I needed a friend. Your gentle eyes were stern when I needed a lesson. Your strength and love has guided me and gave me wings to fly.

- Sarah Malin

I can still remember, when I was younger, I wanted to have curly hair and wear "grown-up" clothes. Tried her high heeled shoes and play with her lipstick. I just wanted to look like my mom. 
 My Mom: sophisticated and classy.
Mom's my first bestfriend and teacher. In my "identity crisis" stage, she's also my first "enemy" because I used to think that she never let me be free and do the things I wanted to do. 
But God gave me wisdom to understand a mother's love. The unconditional love she gives to people especially to her family...
Me with my 4 siblings can't ask for anything more...Having a Mother like Mom is like hitting the jackpot... with freebies... especially to me :) 
When I decided to get married, I appreciated her presence more... Eventhough she is not my biological mother, she still managed to treat me like a mother should treat her daughter (and more). She even gave me a family I never thought I could have or deserve... 

Now that I have a husband and hopefully kids, as a thank you, I'd like to play a video of one of my favorite mother-daughter songs... 

Mom, I know that I told you how much I LOVE YOU gazillion times but I will NEVER EVER get tired of saying it... I Love You Mom! 

this is not our wedding video :) 
Video Credit: YouTube



  1. Fabulous mom! I super love old photos :)

  2. @joei: thanks! happy mothers day to your mom too!

    @pinay travel junkie: thanks for visiting my site... i also love old photos... esp "black and white"...

    mom really is fabulous! esp on her younger years... it's also a struggle for me and my big sister because our mother is hotter than us...hehe!


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