Sunday, May 1, 2011

El Prado Restaurant in Berjaya Manila Hotel

Are you looking for a place to eat but tired of the usual? 

At times like this I consult my list of GrouPon websites to check on their food discount deals that would catch my attention. Last 15 April, on BUYanihan website, I saw "superb luncheon buffet at the El Prado Restaurant of Berjaya Manila Hotel". I purchased 2 vouchers and tried it... 
This is the only signage I saw that separates this particular restaurant from El Paseo, another restaurant of the hotel. 
Staircase going to El Prado
Clockwise: Main course, dessert area, intern who cooked our pasta and the pasta section
Kare Kare
According to our attendant, this is their signature dish. 
Chicken Afritada
Fish fillet... Hubby loved it
this dish is somewhat NOT very satisfying... too bad :( 
My Hot Bun posing before touching the food
We arrived few minutes past 1pm and a lot of people already left. I roam around the restaurant and was disappointed on the salad section because there's only 2 dressings and veggies available, that's it. I didn't include the pic in this blog because its not worth the space :( Although the selection was quite not what we expected but for 450php buffet good for 2, I believe its worth it. (this also include 1 round of iced tea) We just helped ourselves in the dessert area because their halo-halo and rice cake were good:) 

Berjaya Manila Hotel – Phillipines
7835 Makati Avenue Corner Eduque Street, Makati City, Philippines 1209


  1. sarap naman ng foodtrip na to, nagutom ako :)

  2. hehe! it's so nice of you to drop by.. :)

    bonding moment talaga namin ng asawa ko ang kumain.. "foodie-foodie-han" to the max :)


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