Monday, April 4, 2011

Chelsea's Market and Cafe @ Serendra

I've been reading mixed reviews about Chelsea's Market Cafe in Serendra Piazza so Hubby and I were just postponing our plan to go there. But when I saw CashCashPinoy offered 53% off for 1k worth of food purchase in Chelsea's, we gave it a shot. 

Yesterday, after church worship, we went directly to Serendra Piazza, only to find out that most of the restaurants there open at around 11am (we arrived there few minutes past 10am) so we looked for a place to "kill" time and saw nearby mall called Market!Market! We ended up watching Source Code

After the movie, we've decided to have an early dinner at Chelsea's Market Cafe. Before ordering, I presented the voucher and a valid government ID to our attendant. Since I've been reading a lot reviews about this place, I'm anticipating for the free focaccia bread with whole baked bulb of garlic but nothing was served. I've been thinking, was it because we're only using a voucher or do they only serve that during lunch? I'm kind of disappointed but still willing to try their food (since we already ordered and paid 470php in advance for the voucher). 
The store looked like it came out of US magazine, bright and welcoming. Although I don't have anything against it but I'm more of a minimalist type of person (OC should I say) so seeing their restaurant set up made me feel uneasy (magulo in short, in my opinion). 
But I like the tables' set up outside. It's just that we wanted to dine in a more comfortable condition (inside a/c vs dining al fresco) because scorching heat of the sun is still felt at 4:30 in the afternoon.  
The back of where we're seating. After few minutes, our dinner's served. 

On the table: 
Baby Back ribs (half slab) 695php
Note: although it shows in their menu that it is good for sharing, the rice that goes with it is like close to half cup... we ordered extra wild rice pilaf for 80php (1 cup)
watermelon green mango 165php
lime mint soda 120php
nutelle dome cake 310php
FYI: we were fooled...on their menu, it shows "nutella" but on their official receipt, it shows "nutelle". Don't order this because it tasted like the usual chocolate mouse cake :( no hint of nutella... two thumbs down...

The total bill was 1492.33php (voucher costs:470php plus the difference 492.33php) and the total amount that we paid for all in all (voucher + cash) was 962.33php (obviously, who would've given as 67 cents change? hehe!). Well... its worth a try but we'll definitely not gonna go to this place again, (even with or without a voucher). 

Next Stop: CupCakes by Sonja

Chelsea Market and CafeSerendra
G/Lvl. Serendra Piazza, Mc Kinley Parkway, Fort Bonifacio
Taguig City, Metro Manila
(02) 909-7011


  1. hi,just wondering, why did you pay 962.50 if you had a 1000 coupon? do they add tax and service charge on top of the 1492?

  2. hi anonymous,

    hope you could have at least provided me with your name :)

    regarding the bill, they will still show you the total charges:



    voucher (53% off of 1k = 530php)
    technically, we paid 470php for the 1k worth of food at Chelsea's thru cashcash pinoy.

    then the order was over by 492.33php

    if we add all the expenses, it will be 470php + 492.33 = 962.33php (voucher + cash)

    but in our case, we paid cash 492.50php (in order not to be confused with the cents)

    hope it's clear =)

  3. ...just to add:

    if the bill go over 1k, you will need to pay the difference (no discount)

    when purchasing vouchers, make sure to read the fine print... coz that's what we missed when we first tried it =p


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