Monday, April 4, 2011

Afternoon Date @ Market!Market!

We're supposed to have lunch in Chelsea's but since we were sooo hungry, we ate in our usual dining place and all time favorite pizza hut (default orders: garlic shrimp & mushroom, regular bacon cheeseburger supreme pan pizza, mango smoothies and bottomless lemonade for 607.90php total) but this time in their Market!Market! branch. 

We spent almost an hour in that place and since we're not that matakaw (still in denial stage..hehe!), we opted not to go to Serendra yet (because eating is the only thing what we could do there) and spend the time roaming around the mall instead. 

The last time we were here was way back 2005? when I'm trying to look for a boarding house near my workplace and we got lost so we asked the jeepney driver to drop us off to a nearest mall... that's when we first set foot to this place. 

In those 6 years, in my opinion, there'd been a major transformation. Before, it looked more like a warehouse, instead of a mall but now, it got some Ayala-ish vibes and have lots of establishments, from high-end stores to easy-on-the-pocket products/items/stalls. 

At the top level is where their cinemas are located. Before Hubby set up the entertainment area in our humble home, we used to be Movie Maniacs and you could see us at least twice a week in SM cinemas. Since the last time that we watched movie inside a cinema was last January The Tourist Hubby and I decided to try out Market!Market! cinema. We agreed on watching Source Code  starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Michelle Monaghan. 

Before entering the cinema, here's what we ordered (to go): 
New York Fries Grande 100php with 2 dips: BBQ & Red Hot Chili Pepper
Taters Combo: 1 large Texan BBQ Popcorn + 2 Drinks 190php

Source Code is said to be an action-thriller which focused on a soldier (Colter Stevens, played by Gyllenhaal) who wakes up in the middle of a train ride with Cristina Warren (played by Monaghan) with no recollection of what happened before he fell asleep. After 8 minutes, he then find himself locked up inside a command center which only he can fit in (you'll find out why when you watch the movie...because it was just a representation of some sort). Basically, the movie is all about him, Stevens, wakes up in a body of an unknown man and as the movie progresses, found out that he is the key in solving the mystery: identity of the bomber of a commuter train. 

The movie is okay but we just noticed some boo-boo in the story plot. It was mentioned that the bomber should see both trains to time the explosion but the bomber gets off Glenbrook station and he could only see the smoke that the explosion created from where he's at (there are trees and tall infrastructure between the bomber and trains from where it exploded) Another is that how come a bomb that big passed thru security?! (just wondering)

Here's the trailer (from youtube): 

After the movie, we went to our original destination that day: Chelsea's @ Serendra and had an early dinner. 

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