Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Mom's Beeday @ Kainan sa Balsa Bacoor Cavite

My mom will celebrate her beeday next week but due to inevitable circumstance, hubby and I will not be able to come. So as for advance beeday celebration, we went to Kainan sa Balsa in Bacoor Cavite. Our treat! :) 
Kainan sa Balsa was and still is a place to visit when you're in Cavite. It might've been embarrassing that me, a Cavitena [born and raised in Cavite] hasn't visited the place yet. Now here's a chance to prove and brag about how this hidden gem in Cavite captivate the hearts of many and why it deserves to have a share in the limelight. 

What to expect: 

Upon entering the restaurant, you will need to place an order to one of the waiters in red shirt. Since we are a party of 6, hubby and I did the ordering and the rest chose a nip hut that we could use (no charge for the nipa hut). 
They don't have a printed menu, you just have to use your finger to point :) When facing the restaurant, on your right (the "lobby" of the restaurant) is where you can find the usual viand (veggies, crispy pata, etc) while on the right side is where the grilling takes place. Since we're into "grilled" food, we did not pass on the chance to try their tuna head, grilled chicken, pork chop and the famous squid tentacles. 

Roam around:

This restaurant was named Kainan sa Balsa for an obvious reason. You'll get the chance to eat while inside a nipa hut which is on top of a balsa or bamboo raft (balsa wood: a strong lightweight wood of the balsa tree used especially for floats; thanks wiki) enjoy dining afloat! indeed!  
Just to add: they have enough space for parking, compared to other establishments :) So for those who want to go here by car, need not to worry. Us? we were able to park right after we enter the place. Cool! 

Our lunch:
We were seated inside a nipa hut named "Maliksi". Unlike some blogs about Kainan sa Balsa, our food were served after 20 minutes and it was around 12:30PM (peak) They still managed to serve us our orders in an acceptable wait time. 

On the table: 
They even gave us a bucket of ice :) 
panga ng tuna (grilled tuna jaw)
lechon kawali
galamay ng pusit (squid tentacles)
tulala sa kabusugan..hehe! 

Oh! did I mention that 2 orders of pakbet, 2 orders of chopsuey, 2 pcs of liempo, 1 grilled tuna jaw, 1 order of grilled chicken, 1 order of lechon kawali, 2 sticks of squid tentacles, 6 cups of rice and 6 12oz softdrinks only costs us 1015php???!!! :) 
Now, that really is something! :)

Next Stop: Digman's Original Halo Halo for Dessert :) 

Kainan sa Balsa
143 Evangelista St., Banalo Bacoor Cavite

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