Saturday, March 12, 2011

Becky's Kitchen: A Sweet Memory

Last weekend, my hubby and I did some trip down memory lane. We haven't done that in months so it's a good thing that we did spend the whole afternoon doing non stop chatting. aka chismisan LoL =p 

We didn't realized it then, that we've had so much fun together. There are also tons of annoying, embarrassing, out-of-this-world and  kilig moments =p

Hubby and I are not perfect. But through the years, we managed to outwit, outplay & outlast the little monsters inside of us and put the lessons gained from those experiences to good use... which is to make our relationship stronger and us, wiser :) 

As we grow older [ouch!], sometimes its nice and healthy to look back on the things that mattered, and still matters to you. The places you've been to and the food that made your relationship sweeter. 

Back in college, honey used to bring me different kinds of cookies and pastries. [For me, its more charming than the regular chocolate] But there's this one particular store in Manila, close to DLSU, that we can't get our minds off. Becky's Kitchen. 

Becky's Kitchen's walnut brownies' part of our love story. There are two reasons, (1) this is the first box of brownies honey gave me, when he's still courting me; and (2) their brownies taste just right, not too sweet, not too soft. Honey even mentioned that he used to sneak out of the classroom, just to buy a box of brownies because his class then ends the same time that the store closes. Sweet :) 

After graduation, we haven't gone to that side of Manila for years... Then yesterday, when I woke up, Honey greeted me a smile on his face and with a box of brownies on his hands... 


What a nice way to start the day [or night for me since I'm on a GY shift]

I have brownies!! I have brownies!! 

P.S. Although the moment's too sweet, instead of me saying "thank you", the words came out of my mouth were "Ba't nagpunta ka dun ng di ako kasama!" ...realized what I've done and said "sorry, kagigising lang" then kissed him =p 

Becky's Kitchen
Address: 1061 P. Ocampo [formerly Vito Cruz] 
cor Bautista Sts., Singalong Manila
Phone: 02-525-1648 / 02-523-4245

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