Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Summer Destination: Enchanted Kingdom

As a couple, we've only been to EK twice but it already made an impression to us. From its "castle-like" entrance to its spectacular rides, the MAGIC really stays with you @ Enchanted Kingdom! 
Ticket Rates (based on their website): 

Carousel Ticket:

Weekend / Holiday Rate:  Php 150.00
Weekday Rate:   Php 150.00

Description: Free admission to the park grounds and unlimited access to the Grand Carousel, Bumbling Boulders, and Boulderville Express.                    

Regular Day Pass:
Weekend / Holiday Rate:   Php 500.00
Weekday Rate:   Php 400.00

Description: Enjoy unlimited use of all the Park’s rides: Space Shuttle, Jungle Log Jam, Swan Lake, Up, Up & Away, Roller Skater, Dodgem, Wheel of Fate, Anchors Away, Bump n’ Splash, Rialto, Rio Grande Rapids, Flying Fiesta, Grand Carousel, Bumbling Boulders, Boulderville Express, Air Petrodactyl, Stone Eggs, and Dinosoarus.                 

Junior Day Pass:
Weekend / Holiday Rate:  Php 320.00
Weekday Rate:  Php 250.00

Description: Applicable to children between 36” to 47” tall. Children 35” and under are FREE. Enjoy unlimited use of all the Park’s rides: Space Shuttle, Jungle Log Jam, Swan Lake, Up, Up & Away, Roller Skater, Dodgem, Wheel of Fate, Anchors Away, Bump n’ Splash, Rialto, Rio Grande Rapids, Flying Fiesta, Grand Carousel, Bumbling Boulders, Boulderville Express, Air Pterodactyl, Stone Eggs, and Dinosaurs.

Enchanted Kingdom is composed of 7 park zones so make sure to grab a map in order for you not to waste time looking for a specific ride that you want to try. (consider also the time that you will spend waiting on the line...whew..)
Carousel at Night (background) 
Note: this is part of the Victoria Park 
Hubby and the Pirate (with kids on the side, not ours)
Note: Rio Grande Rapids is in the Portabello Park zone
I don't have their permission to post their faces on this blog so I hide them using this huge honey's haven logo :) 
Feel the rush :p
Note: Jungle Log Jam is in Jungle Outpost Park zone (duh?! hehe!)
Space Shuttle in Spaceport Park zone
The scariest ride of them all :( 

Next time we visit, I'll gather enough courage to try other rides and to be there as early as possible :) Oh! did I mention that EK Biki Waterworld is now Open?! We've gotta try that too!! :)

Enchanted Kingdom
Sta. Rosa Main Office 
San Lorenzo South, City of Sta Rosa Laguna
02-584-3535 / 02-584-4326 to 29

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Earth Hour 2011

Photo Credit:

Join and take part of this global phenomenon. 

26 March 2011

8:30PM - 9:30 PM

Lights off for Mother Earth. 


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Digman Original Halo Halo for Dessert

After that sumptuous lunch, we went to Digman's to have halo halo for dessert. Coming from Kainan sa Balsa parking area, you need to turn right and then turn left in the street after the Catholic church (also on the left side of the road). 

According to my dad, it was Mrs Puring Toledo who first started the eatery in 1975 and it was managed by her daughter Benjamina Gonzales. 

What sets it apart from other halo halo establishments was the fact that all the ingredients are made from scratch. Unlike others who settle for canned and processed food. Theirs are made from the heart... :) F for effort! hihi! 

At the time that we arrived in Digman's, most of their customers were just about to leave. Then when our halo halo were served, we have the place all to ourselves. 
Kuya and Kei 
Halo Halo 55php each
Aside from their famous halo halo, they also serve: 
Mais con hielo 55php
Chicken Mami 40php
Spaghetti 40php
Pancit 40php
Siopao 22php
Empanada 30php
Tahong Chips 30php

Digman's Halo Halo and HomeMade Siopao
H. Rubio St., (near the town plaza of Bacoor)
Brgy Digman Bacoor Cavite 

Mom's Beeday @ Kainan sa Balsa Bacoor Cavite

My mom will celebrate her beeday next week but due to inevitable circumstance, hubby and I will not be able to come. So as for advance beeday celebration, we went to Kainan sa Balsa in Bacoor Cavite. Our treat! :) 
Kainan sa Balsa was and still is a place to visit when you're in Cavite. It might've been embarrassing that me, a Cavitena [born and raised in Cavite] hasn't visited the place yet. Now here's a chance to prove and brag about how this hidden gem in Cavite captivate the hearts of many and why it deserves to have a share in the limelight. 

What to expect: 

Upon entering the restaurant, you will need to place an order to one of the waiters in red shirt. Since we are a party of 6, hubby and I did the ordering and the rest chose a nip hut that we could use (no charge for the nipa hut). 
They don't have a printed menu, you just have to use your finger to point :) When facing the restaurant, on your right (the "lobby" of the restaurant) is where you can find the usual viand (veggies, crispy pata, etc) while on the right side is where the grilling takes place. Since we're into "grilled" food, we did not pass on the chance to try their tuna head, grilled chicken, pork chop and the famous squid tentacles. 

Roam around:

This restaurant was named Kainan sa Balsa for an obvious reason. You'll get the chance to eat while inside a nipa hut which is on top of a balsa or bamboo raft (balsa wood: a strong lightweight wood of the balsa tree used especially for floats; thanks wiki) enjoy dining afloat! indeed!  
Just to add: they have enough space for parking, compared to other establishments :) So for those who want to go here by car, need not to worry. Us? we were able to park right after we enter the place. Cool! 

Our lunch:
We were seated inside a nipa hut named "Maliksi". Unlike some blogs about Kainan sa Balsa, our food were served after 20 minutes and it was around 12:30PM (peak) They still managed to serve us our orders in an acceptable wait time. 

On the table: 
They even gave us a bucket of ice :) 
panga ng tuna (grilled tuna jaw)
lechon kawali
galamay ng pusit (squid tentacles)
tulala sa kabusugan..hehe! 

Oh! did I mention that 2 orders of pakbet, 2 orders of chopsuey, 2 pcs of liempo, 1 grilled tuna jaw, 1 order of grilled chicken, 1 order of lechon kawali, 2 sticks of squid tentacles, 6 cups of rice and 6 12oz softdrinks only costs us 1015php???!!! :) 
Now, that really is something! :)

Next Stop: Digman's Original Halo Halo for Dessert :) 

Kainan sa Balsa
143 Evangelista St., Banalo Bacoor Cavite

Monday, March 14, 2011

Summer Destination: Island Cove Hotel and Leisure Park

About Island Cove: 
The island was once known as "PULO NI BURUNGGOY". On June 12, 1976 the island was renamed as Covelandia Island Resort then on October 11, 1997 renamed to Island Cove Resort & Leisure Park. After more years of expansion renovation and upgrading its facilities the Island was finally renamed to Island Cove Hotel and Leisure Park. [Thanks Wikipedia]

Resort Activities: 

Roam Around 
The bridge... next to the entrance gate
These huge chess pieces used to be as tall as a regular Pinoy :)
hotel al fresco

entrance to the animal island
clockwise: baby crocodile, zoo-tique, crocs, Mr Tiger

Lunch @ Fishing Village

My wet wolverine =p

Island Cove Hotel and Leisure Park
Tel: (+632) 810-7878 (+632) 400-4273
         (+6346) 434-0210

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Becky's Kitchen: A Sweet Memory

Last weekend, my hubby and I did some trip down memory lane. We haven't done that in months so it's a good thing that we did spend the whole afternoon doing non stop chatting. aka chismisan LoL =p 

We didn't realized it then, that we've had so much fun together. There are also tons of annoying, embarrassing, out-of-this-world and  kilig moments =p

Hubby and I are not perfect. But through the years, we managed to outwit, outplay & outlast the little monsters inside of us and put the lessons gained from those experiences to good use... which is to make our relationship stronger and us, wiser :) 

As we grow older [ouch!], sometimes its nice and healthy to look back on the things that mattered, and still matters to you. The places you've been to and the food that made your relationship sweeter. 

Back in college, honey used to bring me different kinds of cookies and pastries. [For me, its more charming than the regular chocolate] But there's this one particular store in Manila, close to DLSU, that we can't get our minds off. Becky's Kitchen. 

Becky's Kitchen's walnut brownies' part of our love story. There are two reasons, (1) this is the first box of brownies honey gave me, when he's still courting me; and (2) their brownies taste just right, not too sweet, not too soft. Honey even mentioned that he used to sneak out of the classroom, just to buy a box of brownies because his class then ends the same time that the store closes. Sweet :) 

After graduation, we haven't gone to that side of Manila for years... Then yesterday, when I woke up, Honey greeted me a smile on his face and with a box of brownies on his hands... 


What a nice way to start the day [or night for me since I'm on a GY shift]

I have brownies!! I have brownies!! 

P.S. Although the moment's too sweet, instead of me saying "thank you", the words came out of my mouth were "Ba't nagpunta ka dun ng di ako kasama!" ...realized what I've done and said "sorry, kagigising lang" then kissed him =p 

Becky's Kitchen
Address: 1061 P. Ocampo [formerly Vito Cruz] 
cor Bautista Sts., Singalong Manila
Phone: 02-525-1648 / 02-523-4245

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Date Night 5.0: El Buono Pizza

El Buono Pizza. Ring a bell? 

hmm ^-^

EL BUONO 65" Pizza - The World's Biggest Pizza!!!

Since Hubby and I are the only ones who will eat that night at our house, we can't finish that 65" monster pizza :) so we just go with their 12" with 8 slices [good enough for two... or more].

12" La Carne Buono 389php 
mozzarella cheese, special cheese, signature sauce, pepperoni, ham, ground beef, bacon, herbs and spices
it's sooo thin :) 
...then we paired it with Napolitan [red sauce spag] 225php

website: El Buono
phone: 403-1528 / 403-1575

While watching No Ordinary Family

No Ordinary Family is a series aired in 2010 that focuses on the POWELLs, typical American family, whose members gain powers when their plane crashed in the sea [or river?] in Brazil. 

The head of the family, James "Jim" Powell Sr., [same person who played the role of "the Thing" in Fantastic 4] has super-strength while his wife, Stephanie Powell has super speed. Their daughter, Daphne, has the power of telepathy and their son, JJ, has the super brain. 

I love the humor and the twist... Can't wait for the newest episode :) 


Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Life's a Beach: Your Guide to the Hottest Summer Destinations in the Philippines

Sun.. Sand.. Wind.. Water.. Lover.. Perfect! 

Summer's just around the corner. Be ready with your swimsuits, sunblock and underwater camera because I'm giving you the list of the hottest summer destinations that can only be found here in the Philippines. 

Batangas Sunrise

I will never forget our Batangas Getaway because this is where it all began. This is the reason why Hubby and I decided to explore the Philippines :) We didn't even realized it then, what we've been missing. 
Batangas Sunset

Anilao Batangas is one of the perfect getaway places near Manila. It is also a home for some of the known resorts like Pier Uno Resort, Maharlika Beach Resort [just to name a few]. Or you could visit nearby places like Calatagan, Lian and the famous Laiya. 

Cebu was the most memorable trip I've ever had! Why? Because the first time I flew [in an airplane, of course] 'twas Cebu I visited. I believe it's way back 2005? When my previous company gave me the chance [and ticket] to fly to Cebu. If I remembered it correctly, it's still paper tickets :) 

Then on my second trip, now with hubby, we stayed at Cebu Marine Beach Resort. The staff were friendly and food is so-so. 
There are a lot of places that I still need to explore in Cebu. And if given a chance, we'll visit Malapascua, Bantayan Island, Kawasan Falls, Sumilon Island, Taoist Temple and Sky Adventure @ Crown Regency :) 

This place reminded me of how simple life can be... have a countryside trip [suggested places: chocolate hills, visit Phil Tarsier & Wildlife Sanctuary, have photo shoot @ Blood Compact site, explore Hinagdanan Cave, eat healthy in Bohol Bee Farm]...
Or simply take your time and enjoy the beach... :)

Boracay of the North. That's Pagudpud Beach's known of... because of the powdery sand, just like in Bora. But what sets it apart from the others, is its unspoiled beauty, less populated beach and cheaper accommodations [based on our experience] :) 
While you're in Pagudpud, might as well visit other places like Bangui windmill, Pagudpud Viaduct and Cape Bojeador. 

When planning for a summer vacation, who wouldn't think of Bora as their destination? Although it's Uber populated during summer, in my opinion, it's better to go there on those days because you will not enjoy it if you fly there during Ber-month [based on personal experience].
You could go to Mount Luho [owned by Bro Boy], rent a trike, go island hopping, helmet diving...
Or simply feed the fish :)

If I were to rate the places we've been to, I'd say that Coron will have 10/10... coz 'twas the one who took my breath away... literally :) Why? Check out these pictures and they will tell you why... 
Suggested places to visit: Mt Tapyas, Malcapuya Island, Banana Island and Bulog Dos, Snorkeling @ Siete Pecados, Atuayan Beach, Barracuda & Kayangan Lake.

Suggested Accommodation: Princess of Coron
Kayangan Lake

There are still places that need to be explored... There are still hidden beauties that need to be discovered... Us? we're thinking of Subic or Davao... How about you? Where do you plan to go this summer? :) 

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