Saturday, February 5, 2011

One Saturday Morning at Salcedo Market Makati City

Salcedo Market started around 2004 by the Brgy officials, according to locals. This is where foodies meet to have a gastronomic experience :) 
Upon entering the market, hubby and I saw this "Dragon Dance" in lieu of the Chinese New Year... I was able to see it up close... really upclose :) 
Market's not crowded and there are quite a space for everybody :) We roam around and actually had a hard time deciding on what to eat. Because apart from the grilled fish and pork on the other side, you will also see stalls of fresh milk, burgers and pasta. 
Then we saw this Wagyu Burger and Shawarma stall and looked at each other... *ting ting* 
Wagyu Shawarma 200php
We immediately fell in love with this one. It's so flavorful and worth every peso... [Hubby actually grew up in KSA and eating shawarma for him is next to breathing... need I say more? hehe]. 
Mango Shake 55php
This is the biggest burger I've seen and tasted. Hubby even measured it.hehe! For just 120php, you'll get this huge beef patty + big bun + mayo onion... Nice eh?! 
There's also a wide selection of fruits in the market. I actually bought 1kl of ripe mangoes for 100php, oranges, suha 100php and fuji apple 25php each. 

TIP: if you're planning to go to Salcedo Market, it would be best to bring any eco-friendly bags if ever you see an item or food you like because they no longer use plastic bags... then you are required to buy the net bag for 10php. 
... after placing fruits in a bowl
the playground
Tip: there are tent covered tables & chairs near the playground where you can eat. If you want it to be little bit private, look for bench located within the park :)
Us, while strolling :) 
my honeybee and the arc
meeh, so full :) 
meeh, about to go home :) 
I just remembered... we're supposed to buy this Baby Back ribs 399php... slipped my mind... darn... have to go back.

Salcedo Saturday Market - open until 2PM
Tordesillas St., Salcedo Village Makati, Luzon 


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