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New Home of Laya [Personal Dining] in Antipolo City

Laya... one of the pioneers when it comes to personal dining. We went there last August 2010 and see why we immediately fell in love with the place. They offer a romantic setting, 6 course gourmet dinner and personal service worth every peso. It was such an experience! 

So when I visited their multiply site December 2010, I was shocked that they're bidding us goodbye. I texted Ms Irene and was told that they will reopen Laya around February. She and husband Chef Ricci will be looking for another place in Antipolo then they will just update their FB and Multiply website. 

First week of February, I received a text from them, saying that they are now located in Pinto Art Museum and put up a cafe called Earth Cafe. 

Since we [hubby and I] are on a long vacation this weekend [because we were supposed to be in HK & Macau this Feb11-14 but unable to push thru with the plan because of some passport issue], we've decided to go there on Feb 11. So I informed Ms Irene through text about our plan of going there and she made room for dinner for two. 

NOTE: In order to get a confirmed reservation, Laya will be asking for 50% downpayment which is not bad because they also needed to be reassured that you'll be coming on the date that you're supposed to come and to avoid NO SHOW, which is bad for business :) 

Since they moved in to a new place, there are quite a few changes that go with it. Here's a simple know how [old and new rules]:
~ Check the menu on their website to know when and what will be served 
~ Once you've decided on when and what to eat, text/call or email them [information will be noted at the end of this entry] 
~ Since this weekend is their special Heart's Day, the set menu for two will be 3k php [per couple] and during regular dining, it'll be just 2k php [per couple]. 
~ As what was mentioned, Laya will be providing you with the bank information for the 50% deposit. 
~ Once you've deposited the money, send a copy of the transaction through email. 
~ Then after the dinner, you'll just have to pay the other half of the bill :) 

After that, you'll definite find this place enchanting and worth the trip :) 

Dying to know what the new place looks like? [patience is a virtue..hehe!] 

FYI: I'll be posting this in 2 parts: New Home of Laya and Pinto Art Museum.


11 February 2011 [Friday] 

We arrived in Laya at around 5pm, in time for the viewing of art pieces @ Pinto Art Museum. The museum is only open until 6pm [give at least half an hour allowance before they close so you would also enjoy the paintings and other canvas]. Make sure to read my entry about Pinto Art Museum experience.  

NOTE: Laya share a part of the Silangan Gardens [where the Laya/Earth Cafe, Pinto Art Museum, Dr Cuanang's Weekend Home are all located] that offer not only dinner [the famous 6 course meal] but also a cafe called Earth Cafe  which is open from 9am-6pm. 

Itinerary for the Day: 

5:00PM Arrival @ Pinto Art Museum 
5:30PM Roam Around the Gallery 
6:00PM Sunset  
6:30PM Romantic Candlelit Dinner 

Since this weekend was extra special, they've created the "HIS & HERS" Menu, apart from the welcome drinks and complimentary glass of organic French rose wine. 

 Welcome drink was served while watching the sunset
Organic French Rose Wine 


Duo of Prawn:
Prawn Cocktail in Coconut Chili Cream
and Nori Prawn Roll with Mango Papaya Aioli
Curried Pumpkin Soup
with Coconut Cream Froth & Cashew Nuts
Grilled Spiced Chicken Strips with
Asian-style Slaw in Wild Honey & Ginger Dressing
Mango & Rosewater Sorbet
Grilled US Hanging Tender Steak
in an Herb and Red Wine Reduction
served with Spiced Crushed Potatoes
Dark Chocolate and Black Pepper Tart with
Candied Ginger and Basil-infused Vanilla Crème Anglaise


Trio of Appetizers:
Stirfried Kaffir Lime Pork in Lettuce Wrap,
Shrimp & Chicken Wanton Bag with Thai Sweet Chili,
Crab & Cream Cheese Dumpling with Spicy Mango Sauce
Thai Tomato Basil Soup
with Cilantro Foam
Shrimp & Pomelo Salad in
Palm Sugar & Tamarind Dressing
Lychee Granita with Spiced Berries
Cashew-crusted Salmon in Ginger Honey
with Saffron Cashew Rice Pilaf
and Crisp Sweet Potato Strings
Orange Blossom Honey Glazed Fruit Kabobs
with Chili Chocolate Dip

Hubby, Me with owners Ms Irene and Chef Ric
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For reservations, you can email them @
or contact them @ (0917) 8464322.
Owners: Chef Ricci and Ms Irene Durango

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