Friday, February 11, 2011

Dinner with Mom & Kei @ Max's SM Rosario

It's been awhile since our last dinner with Mom and Kei. So when my fave niece had tantrums last week [blame it on her father, who is my BROTHER], Hubby and I decided to treat the family out for dinner. Since Dad [aka Dada] needs to go to church, as well as my other brother, it's just me, Hubby, Mom and Kei [what's new? hehe!] 

Me with a "sleepy" look because I just got off from work then went straight to church then at my parent's house...Hay... :)  
Mom and Kei while waiting for the food 

Are you wondering what's on our table? 
 a pitcher of iced tea
their version of pancit canton: regular 193.60php
one whole spring chicken 327.80php
sweet and sour fish fillet 233.20php
my favorite!!! crispy PATA: Large 544.50php
 Mom & Kei in action :) 

After that heavy dinner, we went to Starbucks [of course, SM Rosario Branch] to buy 1 venti Cafe Americano for my dad :) 

And here's souvenir picture of them while waiting for us: 

Then as we were about to go out of the mall, we saw this cutey little space that SM decorated, in time for Valentine's Day... We did a quick photo shoot... :) 

The day does not end there... We passed Le Donne and saw the big SALE sign... Betcha know what happened... :) 

What a nice way to end the day... Hihi! 

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