Sunday, January 2, 2011

Welcoming 2011 @ Sofitel Philippine Plaza

Hi All! Remember my previous blog about ensogo's promo last Dec 25? Yep, we purchased 2 vouchers and welcomed 2011 with glitz and glamour that only Sofitel Philippine Plaza can offer :) 
I guess you're wondering why not celebrate new year with our loved ones. Well, 2 things: first, I still have to work on Jan 1 at 7am. [What a bummer, right?] and second, car's still in Honda and we have no idea if there's any vehicle available in the province after the fireworks. So we looked for a place that we can celebrate new year's eve... and then came the Sofitel promo :) 
I contacted Sofitel and spoke with Anne from Reservation Department. She was so kind and offered to reserve a seat so that we will not have a hard time looking for a table. When we arrived at Treasure Island around 7pm, we were so stunned because there are a lot people waited to be seated. Then while on the line, waiting for our turn to be assisted, a receptionist gave us freshly squeezed mango juice as welcome drinks :) The staff are very friendly indeed. Then came our turn to be seated... an usherette led us to our reserved seat. No drama. Unlike the first 2 couples ahead of us that created a scene because they did not call Sofitel ahead of time to reserve their seats so they were asked to standby :) 

While waiting for the buffet table to open, we did a quick photo shoot :) There are a few interesting spots for picture taking... :) 
This is "the bar" between Treasure Island and Open Space in Spiral
My hot bun posing for me :) 
At the entrance of the hotel
Sofitel Grand Staircase
Somewhere in Spiral :) 
Souvenir Picture :) Happiness! 
Nice eh?! 
Honey, you wanna play? :)
Our table's set-up :) 

We were seated at the right side of the stage. I don't mind because I'm not used to eating with a lot of people around me. Our table's kind of far from the "crowd" which made it more intimate and romantic. 
[Clockwise] on the chef's table: lechon, beef and fish; array of food; soup table; our table number :) 

One of the waiters informed us that buffet table's open :) Yipee!! and here's what we got on the first round :) [don't ask how many rounds we had..hehe!] 
Yummy, right? :) 

We were at Sofitel Treasure Island from 7pm 'til 1am the next day. Eventhough it's tiring, party's a blast!! You really can't get wrong when Sofitel's involved :) 

Apart from the wonderful program and food, we also saw a few celebrities but can't remember their names.. sorry... :( I was not able to take picture, they just appeared on our video when we were roaming around the place and according to people who saw that video: andami namang artista :) ["there's a lot of artists / celebrities"] haha.. I'm poor at naming celebrities... :( 
Me: so full right now... can't breath... 

Since we went there without a car, we waited for a cab outside because the hotel taxi costs 420php [within the Metro only]. Whoa! 
Posing one last time before going to bed... :) 


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