Monday, January 17, 2011

Update: Laya Personal Dining Antipolo City

Few weeks ago, I visited the multiply site of Laya because hubby and I are planning to spend the weekend in Antipolo. Something came up [mostly passport problems, but I'll tell you that in another post] and we will just kiss our trip to HK & Macau this Feb goodbye!! Huhuhu! 

Going back: I fell in love with Laya [who wouldn't] and I can't help but feel bad because I saw this "goodbye letter" they posted on their website. 

So I texted Ms Irene, who is the owner of Laya [together with her husband, Chef Ricci] and confirm if this really is true, here's her reply: 

Hi Ms Donna! We're moving Laya to a different venue so we're closing for now. We're                              just going to take a short break and will update everyone once all plans are final, probably mid Jan or Feb 2011, we'll reopen Laya at a different venue already. We'll be updating both our FB page and Multiply sites for news! :) 

Woohoo!! Although there hasn't been any update yet, I felt reassured that they will reopen Laya.. soon :) Can't wait!! 

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  1. Wow! I was amazed that through those times we are really able to touch peoples hearts like yours. I'm one of the former staff of Laya. And I would like to say Thank you very much for all the support! Even if I'm not a part of the new Laya now, by heart I'm still very proud of my Laya family.. Please do continue to dine and have fun with Laya =)

  2. Hubby and I dined in Laya twice already :)

    Aside from the great food that they are offering, I will never let the excellent service go unnoticed... exceptional =p



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