Monday, January 17, 2011

Remembering Lolo Ureng

Jan 30 1936 - Jan 4 2010. 

The start of 2010 was a bit sad for the Baquir clan because our beloved Lolo Ureng passed away at  73. It was just 26 days before his 74th birthday. Interment was Jan 11, 2010. 

This is the first time I set foot in Albay Bicol. Hubby and I have been planning to go to Bicol but we didn't expect that this would be the reason why we were there last year... Lolo lived with us for 3 months and I can still remember how he'd laughed at my silly jokes... Welcomed me when I come home every morning and how he did all those lakwatsa with a fellow elderly residing a few blocks from our place. 

Now, it's been a year since he passed away and I can still remember how we spent those days in Bicol to help with the preparation and the burial. 
Lola J on the day we first arrived in Bicol. Still see the smile on her lips but her eyes don't lie
I can still remember how quiet, tranquil, serene, rural it was. 
Honey and I need to do our chores while we're here :) 

we are also entitled for a quick break.. breathing fresh air.. hmm...
Still part of the clan :) 
Locals are there to cook food, that will be later served to people who will be coming at the burial... Bayanihan to the max! 
Lolo Ureng, you will always be loved and remembered...

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